All Dreams is dreaming of a plastic-free Cambodia.

Plastic waste is a problem that is spreading across our world at an alarming rate.

Despite the obvious advantages of plastic for our society, we use it carelessly or in excess.

With an estimated 300 million tons of plastic produced year and a 9% annual growth rate, our planet is absolutely drowning in it.

Even worse, the majority of that plastic may be found in single-use products like straws, cups, and single-use bags. We now estimate that between 15 and 51 trillion pieces of plastic are present in the world’s oceans as a result of this garbage.

Two of the world’s largest economies, China and India, both implemented bans on single-use plastics for items like straws and cigarette packs in an effort to combat the rising pollution in their respective countries.

Why should we reduce the use of plastic and what are the actual outcomes?

Plastic-free may look like an impossible concept. After all, plastic is all around us. Until recently, a large portion of our fast-paced life was filled with a variety of plastic-based goods and services.

I use the phrase “until recently” because, in recent years, there has been a growing push to stop the use of plastics in the environment. We intend to transform the planet with a variety of plastic-free products. It has become undeniable that the only thing we can do to protect the environment and protect ourselves from rising pollution levels is to stop using plastic and make positive changes.

As plastic production consumes a significant amount of energy and resources, reducing its use is crucial. Global warming is worsened by the carbon emissions caused by this.

Only 9 percent of all plastic manufactured has ever been recycled, making recycling plastic ineffective. 60 percent of it is instead dumped in landfills and the ocean. Then it stays for a very long time, turning into “microplastic,” contaminating our food and water systems, and eventually becoming a problem.

All Dreams Cambodia’s “One Step- No Plastic” Campaign

In Cambodia, the popular travel company, All Dreams Cambodia, has decided to say no to plastic. 

They are strongly committed to Cambodia’s fight against plastic pollution and making a difference.

All Dreams Cambodia team will be in Kep on Sunday, July 31st for an exciting beach cleanup challenge to introduce the company’s “One Step-No Plastic” campaign.

You are welcome to join them in celebrating Plastic Free July with their local partners, Re-Five and Toh Yeung.

To learn more about All Dreams Cambodia’s commitment to sustainability, get in touch with them.

Government initiatives

Numerous initiatives have been taken by the Royal Government of Cambodia to decrease the use of single-use plastic products. The “Community Solution for Plastic-Free Coastlines” program, among many other initiatives to address the growing problem of plastic pollution in Cambodia’s coastal areas, was launched in Preah Sihanouk province on February 17.


Be the change you want to see in the world, as Gandhi famously said, is frequently misquoted. In actuality, he was saying that “if we could change ourselves, the attitudes in the world would also change.”

By changing our lifestyles to more eco-friendly choices, we can change the world. Even one adjustment at a time will have an impact; it need not happen all at once. It is up to us to cut back on our consumption, make plans ahead of time to avoid inconvenience, and be creative.

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