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Cambodia’s Progress in Innovation: Prime Minister Hun Manet’s Visionary Approach

by Surya Narayan
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Prime Minister Hun Manet recently introduced a series of 13 recommendations to enhance Cambodia’s socio-economic development by strengthening the government’s involvement in policy execution, accountability, and ownership. At the 2023 annual meeting of the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MISTI), the premier emphasized the government’s strong dedication to improving the living standards and well-being of the Cambodian people.

Hun Manet’s vision focuses on shifting Cambodia’s industrial paradigm from labor-intensive to skill and knowledge-based, effectively connecting the country to the global value chain. This innovative method aims to improve industrial production while prioritising occupational and environmental safety, therefore establishing a new standard for regional and worldwide competitiveness.

A noticeable progress in digitization has resulted in the requirement to finish CamDX automated registration by the end of 2024, indicating a strong shift towards more efficient and organised processes. The government’s forward-thinking approach is demonstrated by utilising Geographic Information System (GIS) for accurate factory location management.

Local industries, especially those producing raw materials and semi-finished goods, can greatly benefit from the focus on local sourcing. This initiative not only seeks to decrease reliance on imports but also promotes adding value and generating employment, stimulating economic growth internally.

The government’s commitment to fostering a cooperative and supportive environment for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is evident via the creation of a national industrial park and the emphasis on SME clusters, especially in technological sectors. Additionally, the investigation of more readily available funding choices establishes a strong basis for enduring industrial growth.

Hun Manet emphasises the importance of innovation and digital transformation by suggesting the creation of a “Centre for Supporting Businesses and SMEs in Digital Innovation”. This programme seeks to promote an entrepreneurial attitude and speed up the integration of digital technology to enhance a dynamic entrepreneurial environment.

The proposals emphasise environmental sustainability, resource management, conservation of salt farmland in Kampot-Kep, and assuring water supply quality and sustainability. These initiatives demonstrate a comprehensive approach to development, ensuring a balance between economic advancement and environmental conservation.

Cambodia’s commitment to international standards, certifications, human capital development in technology, and the implementation of the Cambodia Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap 2030, demonstrates its ambition to lead in technological innovation within the ASEAN region.

Prime Minister Hun Manet has outlined a forward-thinking plan for Cambodia focused on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Cambodia is on track to become a prominent figure in the global industrial and technology sectors as the Royal Government continues to push forward with its projects. This progress is expected to bring about a better future for the country’s citizens and the surrounding region.

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