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5 things to know before traveling to Cambodia

by Surya Narayan
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It is common for travelers to fall in love with the people and their rituals in Cambodia, a country rich in culture and traditions. To get the most out of your experience in the Kingdom of Wonder, it is good to study a little bit about these before traveling.

Cambodians are incredibly patriotic.

Cambodians have great pride in their nation, history, and culture. Locals love their distinctive and unique past as the home of Angkor Wat and the fledgling Angkor Empire, which controlled many regions of Southeast Asia during its height from the 11th to the 13th centuries.

Most Cambodians enjoy singing.

Cambodians love singing. Singing will be done everywhere it is possible, including on buses, at construction sites, in restaurants, and while operating tuk-tuks.  Most of the houses have microphones and speakers, and they enjoy singing in the evenings with friends and family.

Cambodians are traditional. 

Cambodia is still a very traditional country. Although this is evolving with each generation, for the time being, it is still firmly rooted in traditions that both young and elderly adhere to. As a foreigner, you should keep this in mind. They are usually humble people, so being overly affectionate in public, showing too much skin, and getting into street fights with drunk people will be frowned upon.

Cambodians love learning.

In Cambodia, the middle class is growing. Education, especially in the provinces, is still basic. However, this doesn’t deter Cambodians, who will use a variety of innovative methods to teach themselves anything and anything. Ask the majority of young people where they learnt languages like English and Japanese, art forms like painting and DJing, musical instruments, and the list goes on, and they’ll all say YouTube.

Cambodians value their families.

In Cambodia, the family is valued above all else, with the home being the center of daily life. Families also tend to be large, with cousins, aunts, uncles, and other distant relatives gathering to celebrate holidays like Pchum Ben and the Khmer New Year with their siblings.

After visiting Angkor Wat, you will need to go across Cambodia to fully feel and connect with the ‘heart’ of Cambodia.

Visit more rural locations where Cambodian culture is still strong. It is there that you will fall in love with this country and make some lasting memories to take back with you.

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