Cambodia to Become World’s Largest Cashew Producer, Says Prime Minister

Cambodia is set to overtake Ivory Coast as the largest producer of cashew nuts in the world, according to Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 7th River Festival in Kampong Thom province, he highlighted the country’s production of up to 1,180,000 tonnes of cashew nuts across 700,000 hectares of land. The Premier also noted that with the right processing facilities in place, the cashew growing area could expand to 1 million hectares.

Samdech Hun Sen emphasized that Cambodia’s growing cashew nut industry would be capable of supplying local market and meeting export demands, and affirmed the nation’s status as the leading cashew supplier worldwide. The Prime Minister’s announcement comes just months after the country’s draft National Policy on Cashew Nuts 2022-2027 was approved in January 2023, reaffirming Cambodia’s commitment to becoming a major cashew producer and supplier in local, regional, and global markets.

Cambodia’s increasing prominence in the global cashew nut market is a significant development for the country’s economy. The cashew industry has proven to be a valuable source of income and employment, particularly in rural areas where the crop is grown. The expansion of cashew production also has the potential to support the country’s broader economic growth goals, including job creation and poverty reduction.

As Cambodia prepares to take on its new role as the world’s top cashew producer, attention is likely to turn towards efforts to improve the country’s processing capabilities and increase the efficiency of the supply chain. With the right infrastructure in place, Cambodia’s cashew industry could continue to grow and provide much-needed economic benefits to the nation.

Prime Minister Hun Sen took the time to meet with local small business owners in their respective stalls. He engaged with them, clicked photographs, and provided words of encouragement to boost their morale. The Prime Minister’s support for small businesses sends a positive message to the community, showing that their contributions to the local economy are valued and appreciated. This interaction highlights the importance of supporting and promoting small businesses, which are the backbone of Cambodia’s economy.

Photos: facebook page of Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister

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