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Cambodia to Host 11th Annual Macroeconomic Conference in December

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The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) recently announced that the 11th annual Macroeconomic Conference will be held on December 17, 2024. This year’s conference, themed “Geoeconomic Fragmentation: Implications and Policies,” is a collaborative effort between the NBC and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The primary objective of the conference is to foster a culture of research in Cambodia and facilitate dialogue among researchers, experts, and relevant stakeholders on topics crucial for the country’s economic development.

As preparations are underway, the NBC is calling for research proposals that align with the conference theme. Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposals to the Monetary Policy and Research Department via macroconfer@nbc.gov.kh. The deadline for submission is April 10. It is worth noting that authors whose papers are selected for presentation at the conference will receive recognition and have their work published in the NBC’s working paper series.

The annual Macroeconomic Conference has become a significant event in Cambodia’s economic calendar. By hosting this conference, the NBC aims to strengthen the research landscape in the country and create a platform where researchers, experts, and stakeholders can share insights and knowledge. The conference provides an opportunity to discuss key issues related to the Cambodian economy and explore policies that may address the challenges arising from geoeconomic fragmentation.

With this year’s theme, “Geoeconomic Fragmentation: Implications and Policies,” the conference will delve into the effects and consequences of global economic fragmentation. It will explore how such fragmentation impacts Cambodia’s economic landscape and discuss strategies to mitigate potential risks and maximize opportunities. Being at the forefront of economic developments, Cambodia recognizes the importance of understanding and adapting to changing global economic dynamics.

The Macroeconomic Conference also serves as a valuable networking platform, bringing together researchers, experts, and policymakers to exchange ideas and insights. By encouraging dialogue, the conference facilitates the exchange of best practices and encourages collaborative efforts to address economic challenges. Through these interactions, researchers and experts can gain valuable perspectives that can contribute to the formulation of effective economic policies in Cambodia.

As the anticipation builds for the 11th Macroeconomic Conference, researchers and experts are eagerly preparing their proposals on topics relevant to the conference theme. The NBC’s call for research proposals demonstrates their commitment to nurturing research and providing a space for meaningful discussion on economic matters. By organizing this event, Cambodia continues to demonstrate its dedication to fostering economic growth and development.

The 11th annual Macroeconomic Conference, to be held in December, will provide a platform for researchers, experts, and stakeholders to discuss the implications and policies associated with geoeconomic fragmentation. With its commitment to research and knowledge-sharing, Cambodia aims to strengthen its economic foundation and adapt to the challenges posed by an evolving global economy.

Source: Khmer Times

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