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Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia Collaborate to Enhance Agricultural Procurement and Food Safety

by Surya Narayan
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In an exciting development for the agricultural industry in Cambodia, the Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen trade in meat and meat products and enhance food safety. The signing ceremony, held at the Ministry of Commerce, marks a significant collaboration between the government and the private sector to promote the procurement of agricultural products.

Under the MoU, three crucial areas of cooperation were identified. First, there will be a joint effort to promote the procurement of red corn, cassava, and other local raw materials for animal feed production. The Department of Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia will work in tandem to facilitate the procurement of these raw materials, supporting the local farming community and ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

Secondly, the Green Trade Company of the Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia will collaborate to promote the procurement of rice, bran, and rice husks for animal feed production. These essential ingredients will be sourced locally, further supporting the domestic agricultural sector and ensuring the availability of high-quality animal feed.

The third area of cooperation focuses on food safety promotion related to trade in meat and meat products. The General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition, and Anti-Fraud of the Ministry of Commerce, along with CP Cambodia, will work diligently to enhance food safety standards and regulations. This commitment reflects their dedication to prioritizing consumer well-being and ensuring the highest quality standards in the trade of meat and meat products.

This collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia represents a significant step towards implementing the first phase of the Pentagon Strategy. This strategy aligns with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s fifth priority policy program, aimed at stabilizing retail prices of agricultural products, increasing farmers’ productivity, and mitigating market risks that can result in surplus produce during the harvest season.

During the signing ceremony, Minister of Commerce Cham Nimul applauded CP Cambodia’s positive impact on the agricultural supply market in Cambodia. By joining forces, the Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia are set to play a crucial role in promoting economic diversification, strengthening competitiveness, and enhancing productivity in the agricultural sector.

Through the implementation of the MoU, approximately 250,000 tons of red corn, 150,000 tons of cassava, 20,000 tons of rice, 50,000 tons of bran, and 10,000 tons of rice husks will be procured annually. Minister Nimul emphasized that this collaboration would increase local producers’ supply capacity at competitive prices and reduce domestic production costs. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on the profitability of producers, creating a conducive environment to mitigate the rise in feed prices.

Moreover, the investments made by CP Cambodia will have a multiplier effect on job creation and strengthen the entire value chain, ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness from procurement to market demand expansion and product development. This collaboration serves as a testament to the commitment of both parties to contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector in Cambodia.

The Ministry of Commerce and CP Cambodia’s collaboration to promote agricultural procurement and food safety is an exemplary initiative that will have far-reaching benefits. By supporting local farmers, ensuring high-quality animal feed production, and prioritizing food safety standards, this partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the economic growth and well-being of Cambodia’s agricultural sector.

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