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#ONESTEPNOPLASTIC campaign will come to Battambang on January 29, 2023.

by Surya Narayan
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Plastic disturbs our endocrine system, never biodegrades, and is thought to be the root cause of many diseases, including cancer and infertility. The #ONESTEPNOPLASTIC campaign was initiated in July 2022 by All Dreams Cambodia and Tos Yerng, with the support of tourism sectors like CATA, CTF and CAMDMC, in order to combat plastic pollution in Cambodia and promote it as a sustainable and attractive tourist destination.

The #ONESTEPNOPLASTIC is designed to spread knowledge and solutions. Students, employees from the private and public sectors, and many others actively involved in the campaign provide innovative ideas and support.

Plastic is not biodegradable, hence every manufactured item will last forever. Massive quantities of disposable plastic pose a grave threat to our health and that of future generations, but if we unite and act immediately, we can make a significant difference.

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest challenges we as a species face. Plastics derived from petroleum pollute the air, water, and food we need to survive. The goal of the One Step No Plastic campaign is to show the world that single-use plastics are not needed. By refusing to use single-use plastics, you will be a positive influence and role model for others.

Mr. Jacques Guichandut, Managing Director of All Dreams Cambodia, the inspiration behind #ONESTEPNOPLASTIC

Mr. Jacques Guichandut, Managing Director of All Dreams Cambodia, spoke with Surya Narayan, Founder of The Better Cambodia, about reasons for organizing this amazing event. He said,

“Once I decided to stop using single-use plastic and made an effort to do so, I became very aware of how much I was using. I was surprised by it. Now, every time I say no to a plastic bag or spoon, I start a conversation with someone about why I don’t want to use disposable plastic.

With the help of thousands of other people in Cambodia and around the world, I am personally requesting you to go plastic-free! Through this campaign, we aim to change people’s attitudes and behaviors towards single-use plastic. By raising awareness, introducing biofriendly alternatives, and requesting politicians to legislate for a more sustainable future, we can make a huge difference.”

“Our first event, which took place in Kep and counted 55 participants, drew an addition of 700 people in Phnom Penh, and we anticipate that this Sunday’s event in Battambang will draw in over 1000 people, based on the registrations that have already been logged.”

“It makes us happy to see that people’s interest in our movement has grown over time without ever dwindling.”

For the purpose of processing and recycling the waste collected in each city, #ONESTEPNOPLASTIC partnered with Chip Mong Ecocycle and Eco-Bricks.

The fifth #ONESTEPNOPLASTIC campaign will be held on Sunday 29th, January 2023 in Battambang. 

Date: 29th January , 2023

Venue: Phare Ponleu Selpak in Battambang

Time: 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

FREE ENTRY for participation

Participants of #ONESTEPNOPLASTIC Battambang will receive:


✔️#ONESTEPNOPLASTIC aluminium bottle with provided refill water

✔️A solidarity lunch

✔️A performance by Phare circus

✔️A music performance by Tos Yerng

To register:

* Register to Last2ticket platform: https://hello.last2ticket.com/event/4731 

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vorbelutrioperbir March 19, 2023 - 7:03 pm

wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.


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