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Phare Performing Social Enterprise (PPSE):  Touching The Hearts Of Many

by Surya Narayan
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For almost 30 years, the Phare family of extraordinary organizations has touched the hearts of many.

Phare performing social enterprise (PPSE), which was founded just 9 years ago, has quickly grown to become one of Cambodia’s most respected and successful social enterprise role models, notably in the cultural tourism and creative industries.

Phare Creative Studio’s animation, graphic design, and videography have a major and positive impact on Cambodian society. In addition, Phare Circus offers more than your standard acrobatic show.

The stories that the performers write and play are based on their personal experiences. The performers combine theatre, dance, live music, and circus arts to share a piece of their lives with audiences while drawing inspiration from contemporary history, mythology, and modern society.

The performers come from a social and economic background that is incredibly challenging. They learn and grow in their abilities at Phare Ponleu Selpak, a nonprofit institution.

At Phare Circus, they are able to climb out of poverty and improve their lives while making a good living. By going to a Phare Circus performance, one will take advantage of the best live entertainment in Siem Reap, contribute to the school’s budget, and support Cambodian artists.

Phare has been able to retain 40 artists’ jobs and 37 staff throughout Covid irrespective of economic challenges.

“The Phare family of organizations is a unique group of organizations that, for almost 30 years, have touched the hearts of many people. Thanks to our 24-hour circus marathon performance, we not only hold the world record but also have won numerous international awards. The true cultural ambassadors of our country, in my opinion, are our artists.”

: Dara Hout, Chief Executive

Phare performing social enterprise (PPSE) mother organization, Phare Ponleu Selpak in Battambang, has helped many Cambodians transform their lives, helped Cambodia to preserve and develop a cultural identity, and has enabled Cambodia to develop careers in the creative economy and cultural tourism sector.

The Phare performing social enterprise (PPSE), through the performances of Phare’s artists on international stages, promotes Cambodia as the Kingdom of Culture. Phare’s performers will take the stage at seven national theaters in France in November and December 2022, and Phare Creative Studio will co-produce the animated feature film “Khmer Smile,” which will run the whole duration of the festival season.

Through their performances, the artists engage the audiences by performing a baroque act of movement and song; they also create a connection with them by inviting audience members to join them on stage after each performance.

Innovators, financiers, ecosystem builders, and social entrepreneurship training programs are all helping the industry rapidly expand in recent years. The Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MISTI) has implemented the Inclusive Business Strategy, which grants qualified Social Enterprises recognition, legitimacy, accreditation, and support. This is a significant step toward providing legal recognition and a support system for social enterprises in Cambodia.

Don’t miss this incredible unique performance while you are in Cambodia.

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