Saudi Arabia’s new Ambassador to Cambodia pledges to enhance bilateral cooperation.

Saudi Arabia’s new Ambassador to Cambodia, Mohammed Ismaeil A. Dahlwy, has pledged to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two nations in all areas. During a ceremony at the Senate Palace in Phnom Penh, where he presented his credentials to the Acting Head of State of Cambodia, Say Chhum, the ambassador expressed his commitment to deepening ties between the two countries.

In addition to this, the ambassador has also vowed to work towards establishing the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Cambodia by the end of this year. This move is expected to bolster the already growing relationship and cooperation between the two nations.

In response, Say Chhum welcomed the ambassador and expressed his satisfaction with the increasing cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Cambodia. He assured the ambassador that the Cambodian government and its institutions are fully prepared to cooperate closely with him to further enhance bilateral relations for mutual benefit.

The new ambassador’s pledge to strengthen ties between Saudi Arabia and Cambodia is a positive development for both countries. As two contries work together to deepen their friendship and cooperation, it is hoped that this will bring significant benefits to peoples and foster greater stability in the region.

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