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Streamlined Digital Processes Revolutionize Cambodian Construction and Land Management

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The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC) has announced crucial advancements in the digitization of Cambodia’s land title registration and construction permit application processes. During a recent forum focused on the construction sector, ministry representatives shared that a significant milestone is within reach, with plans to have all Cambodian land titles digitized and integrated into an official registry within the next two years.

This ambitious initiative is part of a broader effort to modernize and enhance the efficiency of the real estate and construction sectors. The ministry’s recent digitization projects represent a significant leap towards creating a more transparent and streamlined land registration process. According to Leang Monirith, Secretary of State of the MLMUPC, a substantial portion of land titles have already been processed and added to the digital registry since the project’s inception.

Real estate in Cambodia, particularly in urban areas like Phnom Penh and rural locales, has experienced explosive growth over the last decade, considerably increasing the number of land plots. Initially aiming to document 7 million plots, the sharp rise in the real estate sector has left an estimated 5 million plots still awaiting registration. The swift climb in numbers was explicitly attributed to booming real estate investment and the subsequent generation of new land titles.

Monirith is optimistic about concluding the registration of these outstanding plots within two years, setting a timeline for a fully digital land registry by approximately 2026. Beyond simply recording land titles, an additional period will focus on resolving disputes and filling in registration gaps, particularly in villages.

One remarkable aspect of the new digital framework is the ability to complete land registration and transfer between parties in mere hours, facilitated by online systems. This process significantly speeds up the transfer of land ownership, making it nearly instantaneous for holders of valid real estate certificates.

In efforts to enhance public service efficiency and transparency, the MLMUPC launched several digital services on April 9. These online services, accessible via the ministry’s website, cater to various needs within the construction sector, including opening and closing site permits, construction permits, and certification, among others. These improvements align with the government’s Pentagonal Strategy aimed at optimizing public services through digital transformation.

The ministry also has plans to extend these digital offerings to include property transfers, land title deed issuance, and mortgage registration. While initially rolling out in Phnom Penh, the goal is to expand these services across the 25 Capital-Provincial Departments of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction, and Cadaster.

Moreover, the recent Construction and Regulations related to the Construction Business workshop, organized by the Cambodian Constructors Association (CCA), served as a platform to discuss advancements and understand the updated construction laws better. Charles Van, Acting President of the CCA, praised the new online registration initiatives for bolstering Cambodia’s construction and real estate sectors’ growth. He echoed the MLMUPC’s commitment to uphold construction laws and regulations, ensuring the continued advancement of quality and safety standards throughout Cambodian construction projects.

Source: Khmer Times

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