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Cambodia Grateful for Swiss Support in Healthcare Sector

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On May 17, 2024, the Kingdom of Cambodia conveyed its gratitude to the Swiss Confederation for its substantial and enduring support in the nation’s healthcare sector. The expression of thanks was delivered by Her Excellency PHEN Savny, the Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, during a visit from His Excellency Pedro Zwahlen, the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Cambodia, based in Bangkok.

The meeting took place at the Ministry and was marked by a warm exchange, highlighting the positive impact of Swiss assistance on Cambodian society. Her Excellency Phen Savny duly acknowledged the significant role of the Swiss Confederation in bolstering the healthcare infrastructure in Cambodia, particularly pointing out the contributions made to the Kantha Bopha Hospital—a critical healthcare institution dedicated to serving the needs of Cambodian children and women. The hospital is known for its provision of quality medical assistance and is a key part of Cambodia’s healthcare landscape.

His Excellency Ambassador Pedro Zwahlen mirrored the sentiments of appreciation, noting with contentment the enduring partnership between Switzerland and Cambodia. He recognized the fruitfulness of collaborations that have spanned multiple sectors, with healthcare being a primary focus.

During their dialogue, both dignitaries emphasized their shared desire to further cultivate and enhance the bilateral relationship between their nations. They reiterated their commitment to working together not only on a bilateral basis but also within various international frameworks—an indicator of the multifaceted nature of their collaboration.

The meeting served as an occasion to reflect on the solid rapport the two countries have built over the years. It also provided a forum to discuss the importance of international cooperation in addressing global health challenges. The ongoing support from the Swiss Confederation to Cambodia represents a durable bond that has been shaped by a shared commitment to progress and welfare, particularly in the realm of healthcare provision, where such collaborations hold the promise of lasting benefits to Cambodian citizens.

Both sides left the meeting with a renewed sense of partnership and a clear agenda for cooperation that seeks to pave the way for advancements in medical care and the strengthening of ties between Cambodia and Switzerland.

Source: MFAIC

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