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Dieng Dorm: The Muffin Man of Siem Reap

by Pisey Roeurm
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Have you ever heard of the Muffin Man, SiemReap? He lives in Siem Reap and sells delicious homemade muffins. His secret ingredient is love, and that’s why his muffins are so tasty!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people around the world. Because of this, many have been forced to change their lives, losing jobs and requiring changes in their careers. As a result, many have become entrepreneurs who are currently offering new and innovative products and services in the market. One of them is Dieng Dorm from Siem Reap.

Dieng Dorm, a young baker whose menu is mostly muffins, launched The Muffin Man. After working in hospitality and tourism for years, he wanted to start his own business. With a small budget and big ideas, Dorn went from zero to hero by creating his signature muffins – using local ingredients where possible.

The Muffin Man offers a Western and Australian menu of muffins, cakes and more, made from scratch daily. Everything in the menu is prepared by using locally sourced ingredients grown in Cambodia and making use of traditional recipes with modern twists integrating healthier options such as palm sugar, organic flour etc.

Dieng understood that success comes from hard work. He grew up in Brasat Village as the second of eight children and the eldest son. This indicated that he was already carrying a heavy weight at such a young age. To provide for his family’s financial requirements, he travelled to Thailand and worked for four years. 

However, this did not discourage him. The Australian Centre of Education sponsored him to take English classes and study Tourism and Hotel Management (ACE). He worked two full-time jobs to fulfil his other financial responsibilities. This signified the beginning of a new route for him and his future.

In 2019, Kerry, Dieng’s mentor and supporter and sponsorer for ACE, came up with a great idea. She wondered if Dieng could sell muffins to cafes in Siem Reap. This made him think of his goal of one day opening his own café. Thrilled by the possibilities, he agreed and started training right away.

Kerry taught him not only how to bake muffins, but also how to price his products strategically and other business tips. This is how The Muffin Man was born.

Before he knew it, Dieng was selling more and more muffins to different cafes around the city. He finally opened his own cafe in 2020.

The Muffin Man, located on Sambai Road in Siem Reap, is renowned for its inventive food, pleasant service, and use of only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Dieng Dorm said to The Better Cambodia, “We survived the pandemic thanks to our loyal consumers. Thank you to everyone who supported us during our difficult times. Our concept is having an eco-friendly and plastic free place. We made our furniture from recycled wood. This is our identity apart from our delicious menu and friendly service”

“I started this bakery after leaving my full-time job at a luxury hotel in Siem Reap. I get up at 4:00 a.m. to make muffins and deliver it to coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets to meet my expenditures and buy the ingredients for the next day.”

“We want you to feel confident that the products of our bakery are clean and safe. We have implemented strict hygiene standards and policies to ensure that each member of our employees are well trained to follow these requirements.”

“Our muffins’ aroma will transport you back to your childhood, to the delectable aroma of a fresh homemade sponge cake or cupcake. Our whipped doughs are made with homemade recipes, natural ingredients, and methods that are similar to artisan ones. We have vegan option as well”

“Despite my unique business, I’m experiencing inflation. There are a few ingredients we have to import from Australia and New Zealand. This is a challenge for us since we are a small business with limited cash flow. I am happy with what I am doing now. The future is bright. I believe that supplying customers with quality products and service will be the key to future success.”

“My future dream is to have many branches of the Muffins Man around Cambodia and create jobs for locals.”

Pisey Roeurm, Content Creator, The Better Cambodia with Dieng Dorm

“Finally, I would like to advise young entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses should know what they are passionate about and to never give up on their dreams. Update your knowledge and stay up to date. Before you begin, make a business plan. Honesty is a key attribute that will win the hearts of your customers.”

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/the.muffinman.siemreap  Location: https://goo.gl/maps/w72X3YZiSc3zgt3h7

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