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The Better Cambodia
As the founder of The Better Cambodia,

I strongly believe that Cambodia needs a positive news platform. In recent years, Cambodia has made great strides in economic development, political stability, and social progress, but the world still perceives our country through the lens of our turbulent past.

Cambodia is a rapidly emerging economy with a stable government and a strong economic growth trajectory. Over the past decade, Cambodia has experienced an average annual economic growth rate of over 7%, driven by strong performances in the garment and tourism industries. The Cambodian government has also implemented policies to attract foreign investment and improve infrastructure, which have contributed to the country’s economic development. In addition, Cambodia has made significant progress in reducing poverty, with the poverty rate declining from over 50% in 2004 to around 13% in 2019.

In a world where negative news often overshadows the positive, The Better Cambodia stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to showcasing the brighter side of this vibrant nation. Our mission is not to become a unicorn business, but rather to create a genuine impact by altering the false negative narrative that has been perpetuated about Cambodia.

For many people outside Cambodia, the only thing they know about our country is the Khmer Rouge regime, which ended almost 40 years ago. While it is essential to remember and learn from the history, it is also important to highlight the progress it had made since then. Cambodia is a vibrant and diverse country with so much to offer, from its rich culture and history to its beautiful natural landscapes.

That is why The Better Cambodia was created. We aim to promote Cambodia and share stories of positive change, innovation, and progress. We want to showcase the incredible work being done by Cambodian individuals and organizations to create a brighter future for Cambodia.

At The Better Cambodia, we believe in the power of positivity. Our intention is clear: we want to be the face of Cambodia by highlighting and celebrating even the smallest positive actions taking place within the country. Through our platform, we aim to attract investors and tourists to experience the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted people Cambodia has to offer.

Our platform is more than just a news outlet. We also provide resources and information to help tourists and investors explore Cambodia and support local businesses. We believe that by highlighting the best of Cambodia, we can help change the narrative and attract more positive attention to the country.

But our work is not just about promoting Cambodia to the rest of the world. We also aim to inspire and empower Cambodians to take pride in their country and contribute to its development. By sharing stories of successful Cambodian entrepreneurs, community leaders, and activists, we hope to encourage others to pursue their own dreams and make a positive impact in their communities.

Cambodia has come a long way since the hard time, but there is still much work to be done. We face many challenges. But by focusing on the positive, we can inspire others to join us in creating a better future for Cambodia.

The Better Cambodia is built on the foundation of authenticity, integrity, and a genuine love for the nation we represent. By sharing positive stories and content, we hope to inspire others to see Cambodia through a new lens, one that highlights its resilience, beauty, and potential.

As an impact-driven platform, our focus is on preserving the essence of Cambodia and promoting sustainable growth that benefits all. We understand that the pursuit of profit can sometimes come at the expense of core values. That is why we choose to distance ourselves from the influence of “capitalist venture capitalists”, ensuring that our mission remains unwavering.

The Better Cambodia proudly upholds its core values, refusing to yield to venture capitalist pressures that could compromise our purpose. We’re driven by making a meaningful difference. To support our cause through donations, category sponsorships, or advertising, please connect with our team at info@thebettercambodia.com. Let’s unite for a powerful, positive change.

Join us in our journey to reveal the true spirit of Cambodia and make a lasting, positive impact on its future. Together, we can change the narrative and show the world the better side of Cambodia.

Explore The Better Cambodia – a vibrant media hub focusing on Cambodia’s remarkable successes and heartening stories. Stay connected to the nation’s progress and be inspired by its promising future.

Explore The Better Cambodia

A vibrant media hub focusing on Cambodia’s remarkable successes and heartening stories. Stay connected to the nation’s progress and be inspired by its promising future.


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