Siem Reap Entrepreneurs have received their Certificate of Completion

On 6th October, ten local Entrepreneurs from Siem Reap received their certificate of Completion of a program; Enterprise Solution Finders Cohort 2 which has been launched by Enterprise Vision and sponsored by Khmer Enterprise; a department under the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

After 5 months of the training and implementation to improve the business model which was mentored by coaches of the Enterprise Vision, the Siem Reap Entrepreneurs have developed their business plan and activities plan to reach out to their customers mostly. There are three business models that have received the award from the pitching day last month and they are all supposed to implement their strategy plan to grow.

Three business models have been chosen by the Jury and many audiences that they all showed about their vision, mission, value and attempt to promote the sustainability of tourism and culture. The Nature received the 1st prize, Kamboo Ecotourism received 2nd prize and Phum Khmer Lodge received the 3rd prize with all sponsored by Khmer Enterprise.

At the same time, there are ten Enterprise Solution Finders (ESF2) who have been the right-hand side and supported their entrepreneurs to grow the strategy plan in the last 4 months. These youth are really inspired by their internship journey and practice in the reality of business and working on finding the solution.

Enterprise Solution Finder Cohort 2 (ESF2) is a program launched by Enterprise Siem Reap and funded by Khmer Enterprise in order to advocate and increase the ability of Entrepreneurship based in Siem Reap. This program has the purpose of mentoring the business consultancy with the Enterprise Solution Finder who have sent to work and find the solution to improve the small and medium business of the hospitality and tourism sector based in Siem Reap.

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