Cambodian longans will be exported to China for the first time this month.

According to Cambodian media, the first formal exports of fresh longans from Cambodia to China are set to ship this month. Following bananas and mangos, longans will be the third Cambodian fresh fruit item approved for import by China’s phytosanitary officials.

While the addition of a new international market is welcome news for Cambodia’s longan producers and exporters, the exporting company for the first shipment reported that it is already having difficulty obtaining longans due to a poor harvest this season.

However, the company hopes to dispatch the first shipment on October 11. The exporter eventually plans to buy and ship at least 10,000 metric tonnes of longans to China, although the timetable for this was not immediately clear.

Longan (Dimocarpus longan) is a tropical fruit tree native to Asia that belongs to the soapberry family (Sapindaceae). Fruits in this family include lychee, rambutan, guarana, ackee, korlan, genip, and pitomba. They are widely grown by Cambodians. The harvesting season lasts from April until June.

They are extremely valuable in religion and belief because they are frequently used to offer to Buddha or as an offering. On Buddhist holy days, you will find more people selling fruit along the street. 

The Cambodian word for Rich also resembles Mean, therefore the fruit can represent money when offered.

Agriculture officials in Pailin province, which is located in the heart of Cambodia’s longan-growing regions, have urged registered growers who want to export to China this season to contact their local agriculture ministry offices or directly contact purchasers as soon as possible.

Cambodian longan orchards and packing facilities wishing to export longans to China must register with the General Administration of Customs of China under bilateral export procedures agreed upon between the two countries.

According to the most recent GACC update, 74 orchards and 8 packing plants have ticked all required phytosanitary and quality compliance boxes and are now authorised to export fresh longans to China.

Source: Khmer Times

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