The second Paris debut of Cambodian artists will take place next month.

Vuthea and RuthKo, two Cambodian artists, are scheduled to perform in Paris next month to represent Cambodian Hip-Hop and present to the world the rise and artistic renewal of Cambodian youth through the musical scene.

According to event Co-organiser Hélène MALTERRE, Vuthea and RuthKo, the two prominent Cambodian artists, and Sok Visal, the founder of the KlapYaHandz Music Record from Phnom Penh, will perform at the show in Paris, France on October 14, together with about eight French Asian artists (singers and DJs).

In a press release issued over the weekend, event organizers stated that Sabay Events, in collaboration with Samaki Kohn Khmer Association, will organize and introduce modern Cambodian music live for the second time, in order to build a link between France and Cambodia through these emerging young talented artists.

“By blending traditional and modern music, KlapYaHandz has created a sound that links all generations for all Khmer around the world,” the statement stated, adding that the performance will take place on October 14 in Paris.

“We want to give a diverse audience access to new sounds from Southeast Asia.” “These musicians, who are emerging in Europe and highly regarded in Cambodia, will provide an outstanding experience to everyone who wants to explore Cambodian hip-hop,” it added.

According to the statement, the Live Event was inspired by stories of connections between Khmer youth in France and Cambodia.

“This performance intends to spotlight South Asian artists and introduce everyone to KlapYaHandz music, which combines tradition and contemporary,” said Hélène MALTERRE.

According to Hélène MALTERRE, about 500 people attended the previous concert in Paris in 2020, and this year they decided to renew the experience by welcoming KlapYaHandz to France for the second time.

Sabay Events has invited KlapYaHandz to perform for the second time following the popularity of its first edition.

According to Hélène MALTERRE, the event in October will attract between 600 and 800 people.

Sok Visal, a French-Cambodian, was among the pioneers who launched the Hip Hop genre in Cambodia after returning from France in 1993. He later went on to start his own music company, KlapYaHandz Records, in 2005.

Source: Khmer Times

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