What is the meaning of a happy life?

Happiness is more than a pleasant feeling or a yellow smiley face. It’s the sensation of truly enjoying your life and desire to make the most of it. Happiness is the “secret sauce” that allows us to be and accomplish our best. Researchers discovered that happy people are more successful.

The pursuit of happiness and purpose are two of our most important motives in life. A multitude of studies in positive psychology reveals that happiness and purpose are, in fact, critical elements of well-being. 

It’s like walking under a magnificent dark sky full of stars while looking down at your feet.

It means that happiness should be felt and life should be lived.

How will you feel happy if you don’t take the time to enjoy life and be fully present in it?

You can’t feel happiness if you’re too busy looking for it, and you can’t live life if you’re too busy looking for it. By doing those two things, you limit your potential to live and be happy!

There are easy steps you can do right now to start living a happy life.

Do What You Love. Make time to pursue your passions, whether it’s soccer, writing, or teaching children to swim.

Help Others…

Be Thankful…

Meet more people…

Smile more…

Work out…

Read… Write…

Look for a Life Coach….

Find Stress-Relieving Strategies.

Despite the unforeseen situations and emotional roller coasters, it’s the small, tiny pieces of happiness that make life worthwhile. While there does not appear to be a clear explanation as to what the goal of life is, most people can agree that, at the end of the day, they only want to live with a generous heart and pure happiness.

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