Women of the Future award recognizes two Cambodian women.

Two Cambodian women were recognised by the Women of the Future award for their contributions to public service, community spirit, and sports. The award ceremony was held in Singapore.

According to the WOF Awards’ Linked In profile, rugby player Sreyneang Phann is a highly commended nominee in the Sports category and a true inspiration. Sreyneang is well conscious of how to encourage and inspire more women and girls in Cambodia to play rugby.

Sreypich Moeurn, a midwife at the Vannith Kids Clinic in Cambodia, is highly recommended under the Community Spirit category.

Despite having had a difficult background and upbringing, Sreypich has made a significant contribution to numerous Cambodian communities, inspiring our judges! an actual role model for young ladies. 

Congratulations to both young women, unsung heroes of Cambodia!

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