Math Maiyorm: The first female Cambodian-Muslim to be an Aircraft Engineer

Math Maiyorm, 20, is the first Muslim woman from Cambodia to pursue a career in aircraft maintenance engineering. The job involves inspecting, maintaining, and repairing aircraft to guarantee the security of flights.

Maiyorm has been studying the profession at the Lanmei Training Center for more than two months and is determined to take on the position with its significant responsibilities.

Maiyorm, a native of the province of Kampong Chhnang, claimed that ever since high school, she had aspired to a career in aviation.

Her passion and determination led her to achieve grade A on the baccalaureate examination (Bac II) in 2019 so she could pursue her desired major in university. She decided to study information technology instead of aviation after high school because no school in Cambodia was offering aviation majors yet.

At the Lanmei Center, a major was founded in 2021. In order to pursue her desired major, she left IT and relocated.

Before being selected to pursue the career, Maiyorm had to pass three levels of testing, including the application process, English language and science tests, and ear and eye checks. The two-and-a-half-year degree has a total cost of $16,000.

Even though Maiyorm’s parents are farmers, they were able to support their four children’s education so that they could all earn bachelor’s degrees. Although the tuition was expensive, her parents did not hesitate to help Maiyorm achieve her dream.

She said, “My parents let me pursue any education I desired.” The fact that they support me and encourage me also allows me to pursue this degree. I wouldn’t have been able to go to school without their support.

Six students are studying aviation maintenance engineering at Lanmei Training Center, with Maiyorm being the lone female.

Maiyorm has participated in field studies, which include inspecting the aircraft and visiting the cabin, in addition to classroom education.

The mere sight of the equipment and the view from the cabin excites Maiyorm, since she knows that her dream job is getting closer.

Maiyorm, the first Cambodian-Muslim woman to pursue a career in aircraft engineering, encouraged women with an interest in aviation to be brave and to abandon the notion that women cannot do the same as men.

Source: The Phnom Penh Post

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