Vann Da’s “Time To Rise” was named one of our Best Music Videos of 2021.

Vann Da’s 2021 smash hit “Time To Rise,” which features Master Kong Nay, has been viewed 100 million times on YouTube—an extraordinary feat not only for the Cambodian artist, but also for Asian hip hop. 

From the first notes of Master Kong Nay’s powerful wail to the hauntingly funky plucking of his traditional chapei, it was clear that this was a unique and extraordinary track.

Khmer music is a valuable treasure that must be preserved and updated in the modern era. There is much to learn about Khmer cultural music, and the more we learn, the more creative we can become.

VannDa, congrats!

The historic video “Time To Rise” was named one of the Best Music Videos of 2021


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