People Enjoy Reading Good News, Which Is Good News.

Did you notice that a strange thing happens when you write about something positive? People pay attention to this. They read till the end without looking at the time. They also share it with their friends. They create rare pools of wellbeing on social media. On social media, they generate unusual pools of happiness. 

A crucial element of daily life is happiness. We are all aware of the advantages of looking forward to the day when we wake up. When we watch television or read the newspaper, we want to see some entertaining or encouraging stories that will keep us in a good mood.

Not all news is negative. It is a complicated planet. There is a vast world of solutions and improvements, win-win situations and mutual support, selflessness and curiosity, movements and innovations, apart from the horror and conflict, the screaming and deviousness, the tragedy, disaster, and zero-sum misanthropy.

It’s almost impossible to ignore the negative news spreading in the media given the increased world tensions and the global pandemic. In order to offset it, there has been a clear rise in positive news—news that is only intended to make people’s lives better.

Numerous eminent psychologists claim that reading news that is primarily negative might result in significant anxiety.

However, it’s the key basis behind “feel good” news that works to improve our moods. It also seems to help in reducing anxiety, making us feel happier and better equipped to deal with and address issues.

“The concept behind The Better Cambodia ( is that it’s essential to counter the adverse effects of negative news. Positive feelings and happiness can be attained through feel-good stories.”

People also tend to react favorably when you write about positive things. They do this because, despite the fact that negative news has always kept viewers spellbound, they are sick of the flood of horror. People are looking for change. 

In a nutshell, it makes us happy, and when we are happy, our perspective on life as a whole significantly widens. This further enhances our sense of wellbeing, which has significant positive effects on our health.

Happiness actually lowers blood pressure. Dopamine, another hormone associated with happiness, is also elevated by it. Reading positive news might provide lonely people the chance to stay in touch with the world and to think outside of the box. Because of this, it is very possible that good news stories promote both confidence and happiness.

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