Do you recall the multilingual Cambodian boy?

Who can forget the young Cambodian 14years old, Thaksin, a souvenir seller in Ta Phrom, who became a social media sensation in 2018 due to his remarkable linguistic prowess?

In a 3-minute conversation, Thaksin shows off his ability in selling souvenir in 9 different languages including Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Bahasa Melayu, English, Filipino, Spanish, and German. He reportedly speaks 15 different languages while his brother Tol Thitya can speak 11 languages.

Thaksin receives support, compliments, and admiration for making a living at such a young age. 

The Cambodian Red Cross Society provided the family with financial aid and food items and also supported them to continue schooling. On the other hand, in a media interview, a producer of a Chinese television station also provided Thaksin a chance to sing.

The video was captured by Venus GWC, a tourist from Penang, Malaysia, while Thaksin was trying to sell souvenirs to her, and from that day, Thaksin’s life has changed.

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