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Be yourself; don’t try to be someone else.

by Surya Narayan
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This is more than enough to make you happy and successful in life.

Success is something that makes us dream. Undoubtably, that is truth!

Everyone dreams to achieve great things in life and achieving theirtheir most ambitious goals. Yet, everyone grows at their own speed. Every life is different.

In fact, you might be tempted to compare yourself to others when your life isn’t moving along as quickly as you’d want. It’s completely natural.

You can be anything you want to be, but you can’t be anyone you want to be.

One of the worst things you could do is to push certain qualities too far, basically trying to be someone you’re not meant to be.

It is a terrible mistake to compare yourself to others.

There is no use in comparing yourself with those who, at a certain period, achieved greater success than you. Indeed, we always want to aim higher. By making these comparisons, our problems will begin.

You’ll find that some of your classmates or people you once considered were all on the same levels as you in the past have done better and grown in their life.

They have a better car, house, woman, or man. In short, you get the feeling that others performed much better than you in life.

After making this harsh observation, you will think the following,

What am I missing out on compared to those who have achieved more?

You’ll be hunting for an answer for a very long time because there isn’t a real, satisfying answer to this question. You’ll start copying their behaviors in an order to look like them if you don’t find a real answer.

You’ll try to change who you are.

As a result, you will analyze the behaviors of those who were more successful than you at a given time. Remember that success is a very personal concept in life.

In fact, you might wrongly believe they’ve performed better than you, or you might compare different situations by just degrading yourself.

However, you want to adopt their habits after seeing these people. Some people even go so far as to attempt to imitate the way of speaking or clothing.

Imitation goes a long way, and you might actually end up becoming an exact replica of someone you treated with utmost respect.

Your originality and uniqueness are your greatest assets for success in life, and you will lose them if you try to become someone else.

Your uniqueness is your biggest asset in achieving great things.

It is not a good idea to compare yourself to others because doing so will only slow you down in your progress. In fact, each person walks through life at their own pace.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Some people have a very quick road to success. Good for them. You may discover that this isn’t the case and that you’ll need more time to achieve your ambitions.

That is not at all shameful. Accept the idea that success is something you build over time by being genuine and making daily progress at your own pace.

Never forget the major difference between success and failure:

Simply put, the successful person has attempted more times than the unsuccessful person.

You just need to be patient and stay true to who you are. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people because life is a marathon. Each person advances at their own pace, and those who have shown the greatest resilience and willpower are rewarded in the end.

You must keep moving forward each day by giving your best, and you will see that amazing things will come your way at some point throughout this epic adventure we call life.

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