Chinese firms release preliminary metro and monorail research for Phnom Penh.

On June 24, representatives from the state-owned China Communications Construction Co Ltd (CCCC), the China Road and Bridge Corp (CRBC), and the Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol met to discuss the findings of the firms’ preliminary study on a potential metro or monorail in the capital as a way to reduce traffic congestion and accidents.

The Representatives were informed by Chanthol on a government analysis of the needs for such a public transportation system.

The company experts then presented information on feasible subway and monorail lines, which they claimed would connect most major areas, particularly those with significant population densities, as well as other research results.

The study analysed the details of both options, including construction cost and duration as well as operational and maintenance expenditures.

In order to assure that any metro or monorail system that is built will function at its peak efficiency, the minister requested that the CRBC do comprehensive research that covers other factors that have not yet been fully examined.

Source: The Phnom Penh Post

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