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Angkor Plywood Group Leads the Charge in Support of King Sihamoni’s Greening Initiative

by Surya Narayan
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In a heartfelt address at the recent National Arbour Day event in Takeo province, King Norodom Sihamoni emphasized the importance of tree planting and environmental conservation for Cambodia’s future. Among the many supporters of this initiative, Angkor Plywood Group stands out as a leading advocate for sustainable development and reforestation efforts in the Kingdom.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Founded with a deep respect for nature and a strong commitment to local communities, Angkor Plywood Group, under the visionary leadership of Lu Chu-Chang, has long been at the forefront of environmental stewardship. The company’s dedication to ethical sourcing, sustainable forestry practices, and community upliftment aligns perfectly with King Sihamoni’s call for continued support in greening Cambodia.

Reforestation Efforts

Angkor Plywood Group’s commitment to reforestation is evident in its extensive efforts to restore and expand Cambodia’s forest cover. The company has established a tissue culture laboratory and nursery in Kampong Thom to ensure the availability of high-quality seedlings. These seedlings are planted in various locations, including Kratie Province, where the company operates a significant plantation.

“Our meticulous approach to sourcing and planting seedlings underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship,” says Lu Chu-Chang, Managing Director of Angkor Plywood Group. “We are committed to supporting King Sihamoni’s initiative by contributing to the restoration and preservation of Cambodia’s forests.”

Since its inception, Angkor Plywood Group has planted thousands of trees across the country. The company’s reforestation projects aim to restore degraded lands and create sustainable livelihoods for local communities. By employing local workers in these projects, the company provides stable incomes and skill development opportunities, thereby reducing reliance on illegal logging and promoting environmental conservation.

Community Engagement

Angkor Plywood Group’s influence extends beyond environmental sustainability; it is deeply invested in the well-being of local communities. The company’s plantation in Kratie Province employs 196 local workers, many of whom previously relied on illegal logging for income. By providing sustainable employment opportunities, Angkor Plywood Group supports families and contributes to the preservation of protected forests.

“We believe that community engagement is crucial for the success of our reforestation efforts,” explains Lu Chu-Chang. “By involving local communities in our projects, we ensure that they become active participants in protecting and restoring our natural resources.”

In addition to providing employment, the company has established infrastructure to support community development. This includes building roads, clinics, and schools in the areas where it operates. These facilities aid the company’s logistics and benefit the local population by improving connectivity, healthcare, and education.

Technological Innovation

Recognizing the importance of technology in sustainable forestry, Angkor Plywood Group has invested in advanced techniques to enhance its reforestation efforts. The company’s tissue culture laboratory produces high-quality seedlings that are crucial for the sustainability of its plantations. Additionally, the company trains local workers to operate specialized machinery, enhancing their technical skills and employability.

“We set up a factory to make veneer and train local workers to operate the machines,” says Lu Chu-Chang. “This skill development is crucial for their future and the long-term success of our reforestation projects.”

Supporting King Sihamoni’s Initiative

In response to King Norodom Sihamoni’s call for continued support in greening Cambodia, Angkor Plywood Group reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. The company’s ongoing reforestation projects, combined with its focus on ethical sourcing and community development, make it a key player in the Kingdom’s efforts to protect and restore its natural resources.

“We are honored to support King Sihamoni’s initiative,” says Lu Chu-Chang. “Our commitment to sustainable forestry and community development aligns perfectly with the King’s vision for a green and prosperous Cambodia. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our operations benefit not only the environment but also the people of Cambodia.”

A Model for Sustainable Development and Community Engagement

Angkor Plywood Group exemplifies how businesses can drive sustainable development while fostering community well-being. The company’s adherence to ethical practices, alignment with global standards, and commitment to local communities make it a leading example of responsible business in Cambodia. Through its reforestation efforts and support for King Sihamoni’s greening initiative, Angkor Plywood Group is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for Cambodia.

Angkor Plywood Group’s dedication to reforestation, community engagement, and technological innovation highlights its significant role in supporting King Sihamoni’s vision. The company’s efforts not only contribute to environmental conservation but also enhance the quality of life for local communities, making it a true leader in sustainable development in Cambodia.

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