Be in the Present and Stop Rushing.

We often feel as if our schedule dominates us. Even now, when many of us work from home, we still feel short on time and continue to rush. We never pause to think about why we are rushing since it has become a normal part of our life. We believe it is as a result of the burden and the number of activities.

Rushing is a reflection of our mental state, not the volume of our responsibilities. Running away from our feelings results in overactivity.

Worry, inadequacy, and dissatisfaction invade our inner world as well as anxiety and fear when the mind is blocked off from the natural sense of peace. We rush when we are afraid because it generates a stress reaction in the body.

This response initially boosts our mood, but it later contributes to the problem by causing more stress and anxiety.

The feelings will always be there, hidden behind the rush, no matter how much we do or how quickly we complete tasks. We can’t enjoy the present moment because it gets out of control.

It is tough to think of slowing down. We should start putting effort into it to accomplish this. One solution that help people experience the joy of being calm in the present moment is meditation.

During meditation, we relax and recognise any inner discomfort. We start to realise the futility of excessive busyness and the soul’s need for peace. We face our emotions bravely and eliminate inadequate coping skills.

We start to view ourselves and our lives from a new angle. We become accustomed to the peaceful feeling that is available in the present moment.

By doing so, we can calm down, become more analytical, and decide what is most important at the time.

Increased clarity, which comes from stillness, gives space for fresh ideas. Time seems to move quickly. We draw energy during such moments to allow a precise response.

Even though there are many things to do in a day, ironically, we achieve more with greater ease and navigate between tasks with pride.

By letting go of rushing, we learn to be friends with the present and bring our best selves to it. We become happy and satisfied.

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