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Cambodia Coaching Institute, The Country’s First Coaching School

by Surya Narayan
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Nelson Mandela had once said, “There is no passion, to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

There are many products and services that claim to change your life; but coaching may be the only one thing that actually delivers on this promise. Coaching is a journey from being good to great, facilitated by a powerful connection between the coach and client. It is a journey that takes to get in touch with your inner genius.

A coach provides the time and space to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you can grow. They can assist you in determining your values and identifying gaps where your actions differ from your goals or values. A good coach will partner with you to reconnect with yourself – the aspects of your life and work that you love or parts that you have repressed.

Coaching has become more prominent and well-known in Cambodia. Companies and nonprofit organisations allocate funds to provide their executives coaching and to develop their coaching skills. More people are showing interest in coaching, reading books on the topic, and taking online classes to learn more about the practice.

In contrast to counselling and therapy, coaching helps you in getting where you wish to be next.  In the context of Cambodia coaching is extremely necessary for the youth to identify and focus on their goals.

Even though there is a smaller demand, it is growing as people are becoming aware of it.

Joey Ra, the founder of Cambodia Coaching Institute, the country’s first coaching school, is on a mission to build and train an army of transformational leaders to transform the region.

About the Founder and the Cambodia Coaching Institute

The Cambodia Coaching Institute was founded with the intention of meeting the nation’s growing demand to teach coaching skills to Cambodians. The founder, Joey Ra, has extensive personal coaching experience as well as training from some of the most well-known coaching institutions in the world. He distilled the lessons learnt into CCI’s programs, which were designed to grow and train coaches able to meet their clients’ deepest needs.

It is well known that historical trauma in Cambodia has left the country with deep wounds, and this is reflected in both daily life and culture. Being able to hold space for this depth that exists in their clients is essential to being effective coaches, who Joey Ra defines as “transformative presences” in the lives of clients. Coaches require significantly more expertise, particularly in Cambodia.

As such, CCI’s Transformational Coaching Certification course focuses on developing this capacity in our coaches, something that is not always covered by many coaching programs around the world, In a conversation with The Better Cambodia, Joey Ra said

Joey Ra, CPCC, PCC, MGSCC, Founder and Head Faculty at Cambodia Coaching Institute

Cambodia Coaching Institute offers three types of courses.

  1. Transformational Coaching: Foundations
    • Take your first steps towards becoming a transformative coach
  2. Become a Professional Certified Coach
    • ICF Level 1 pathway to ACC credential
  3. Leader-as-Coach
    • Use your coaching presence, mindsets and skills to transform your impact as a leader

Cambodia’s first ICF’s International Coaching Week event, hosted by Cambodia Coaching Institute

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching has been shown to have a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence, wellness, and work performance. If a manager receives professional coaching, the culture of mentoring, leadership development, and coaching the manager brings to the organisation generates benefits for his team members as well.

  • Benefits for the Company – A company can benefit from coaching by creating a positive corporate culture, increasing productivity, boosting profits, improving communication, and strengthening employee morale.
  • Individual Benefits – With coaching, a person can improve his leadership, communication, time management, decision-making, and work-life balance skills.

Coaching is for you if you want to fulfill your potential as a leader and for a career breakthrough. A more sympathetic and collaborative attitude is necessary for effective modern leadership. The process of coaching has been shown to be effective for fostering personal growth.

What participants say about Joey

“This course made me rethink my approach to getting the best from my people. It’s all about unlocking their skills.” – Corporate Leader

“My horizon became brighter, multi-dimensional, multi-coloured. I discovered with Joey a new language and how magical I could impact on people’s minds to transform their inner selves. Above all, I learnt about my Saboteurs who lied to me for so many years.” – Professional Coach and Art Curator

“The work we have done during this course has given me the power to completely embody essential parts of myself that has impacted me to better support my clients, in addition to my existing emotional learning training. ” – Mental Health Professional

“This course is powerful and I deeply recommend it to any leader, manager and aspiring coach. Frankly speaking you don’t expect a world-class standard of training coming from Cambodia, especially in coaching, but this was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Joey’s blend of social and experiential learning was technically proficient, balanced and fluid. We were given a safe space to try and fail in the sessions, this gave me courage to apply new techniques in my companies and my coaching clients to great success.” – Galeno Chua, Founder of The Idea and Leading with Empathy

These are some comments made by people who took coaching courses from Joey. Cambodia Coaching Institute is ready to support you and your organization’s learning & development initiatives.

Go to to discover more about Cambodia Coaching Institute’s courses and services.

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