“The Kimsan Twins”: Cambodian women Chefs who are revolutionizing a male-dominated profession.

Chefs are essential in the kitchen. Their responsibilities include not only managing other cooks but also organising menus, ensuring proper presentation, and even developing new, creative recipes for those one-of-a-kind meals that everyone craves.

Food is more than a basic survival necessity. It’s something that a lot of people enjoy. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed “foodie,” most of us can admit to making lovely memories in the kitchen or at a table.

The Kimsan Twins are busy cooking for guests.

From small dinner parties to large gatherings, today’s expectations are a vast.

Food interactions are definitely have become more significant. Particularly as more people depend on food cooked outside the home. Every time they eat, they want top-notch service and sensational taste.

Not only as Chef but every profession will require creativity to be able to sustain in the market. As Chef, it is important to be creative because Food is one of the factors that attracts people.

“The Kimsan Twins” are one of those creative celebrity chefs in Cambodia who built their own brand in the hospitality industry.

Kimsan Sok began her career as a cook at La Residence d’Angkor Hotel in Cambodia after studying SalaBa Hotel and Restaurant School in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She had worked at Grand Hyatt in Dubai, CWCC in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Khemara Angkor Hotel, Restaurant Collection, and at present she works as Executive Chef Team at Sombok Restaurant Phnompenh.

Chef Kimsan Sok

Kimsan Pol is from Kampot, attended Siem Reap’s Paul Dubrule Ecole d’Hotellerie et de Tourisme. She became the Executive Chef of the Restaurant Collection in Siem Reap, Cambodia, after working as a Chef de Partie for a period of time. Kimsan Pol is now one of “Kimsan Twins,” sharing responsibility for the Embassy Restaurant’s exquisite cuisine. She oversees 10 restaurants, 1 cooking class and catering service.

Pol’s inspiration is her mother, and she adopts different recipes from her mother’s kitchen while cooking.

Chef Kimsan Pol

Passion is the core value of The Kimsan Twins. It’s what drives them every day. They love what they do and put everything into it. They trained under Michelin Starred Chef, Thierry Marais at Ritz- Carlton, Tokyo, Japan.

Emabssy Restaurant Siem Reap was highlighted in Secret Tables and 50 Best Discovery magazines as a result of the Kimasan Twins’ efforts.

Kimsan Twins guarantees that each and every guest has a “WOW” experience when they leave the restaurant or event. The Kimasan Twins travelled to different countries like Switzerland, Myanmar, France, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Vietnam and UAE to participate in various food events in order to bring the flavour of Khmer cuisine to the rest of world.

Their most recent excursion was to Davos, Switzerland, to prepare Khmer gastronomy for the Prime Minister of Cambodia and other international leaders attending the World Economic Forum.

With Cambodian PM Hun Sen at World Economic Forum, Davos

Apart from this, they contribute recipes to the Cambodian Cooking Recipe Book.

Kimasan Pol and Kimsan Sok met at Victoria Angkor Resort and started off their “Kimsan Twins” journey and became celebrity chefs in Cambodia.

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