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Ministry of Environment Urges Carbon Investment for Environmental Sustainability

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Phnom Penh, Mar. 26 – The Ministry of Environment has called upon companies and development partners to actively participate in carbon investment in Cambodia, with a focus on promoting cleaner soil, water, and air.

During a meeting with Hoang Anh Dung, CEO of Investment and Trading Consulting Company Limited (INTRACO Holding) of Vietnam, Eang Sophalleth, Minister of Environment, expressed the country’s willingness to reward stakeholders contributing to carbon trade. Companies from Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam were specifically mentioned as potential contributors.

Sophalleth highlighted the importance of carbon investment in supporting Cambodia’s environmental priorities. In particular, he mentioned the distribution of dividends to those investing in carbon trade, as well as the provision of essential resources such as water filters and eco-friendly stoves to underprivileged communities in remote areas. These initiatives aim to foster the use of clean energy and reduce emissions, thus contributing to the global effort of combating climate change and safeguarding the Earth’s ecosystem.

The Minister of Environment further outlined the ministry’s strategy to boost carbon trade by 41.7 percent by 2030, aligning with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This strategic plan demonstrates Cambodia’s commitment to meeting its international obligations and actively participating in global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The meeting between the Ministry of Environment and Hoang Anh Dung showcased the shared commitment to environmental sustainability and the collaboration between Cambodia and Vietnam. By encouraging carbon investment, Cambodia aims to attract and engage diverse stakeholders to contribute to the country’s environmental goals, while also benefiting from their technological and financial expertise.

The Ministry of Environment’s push for carbon investment aligns with its broader strategic vision of promoting sustainable development and protecting the environment. By investing in carbon reduction measures, companies and development partners can play a crucial role in preserving natural resources, improving air quality, ensuring water cleanliness, and creating a healthier living environment for all Cambodians.

Finally, the initiatives discussed during the meeting between Minister Eang Sophalleth and Hoang Anh Dung of INTRACO Holding exemplify the practical steps being taken to address environmental challenges and promote climate resilience. Through the active involvement of various stakeholders, Cambodia aims to create a sustainable future, where economic development goes hand in hand with environmental protection.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Environment’s call for carbon investment in Cambodia demonstrates the country’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and protecting its natural resources. By leveraging the expertise and resources of companies and development partners, Cambodia aims to create a greener and more resilient nation, ensuring clean soil, water, and air for the well-being and future generations of its citizens.

Source: Khmer Times

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