Muynin Kaing won gold in the women’s 400m Bifins at the Finswimming World Cup.

In one of the world’s top finswimming competitions, a female swimmer brought honor to Cambodia by taking home three gold medals.

This happened after Cambodia’s finswimmers won a bronze medal in the Men’s Finswimming 4200-m Relay at the 2021 Southeast Asian Games.

According to local media, it was the Khmer Swimming Federation’s (KSF) first SEA Games medal since the 7th SEA Games in Singapore in 1973.

According to a KSF statement released yesterday, Muynin Kaing won the Women’s 400-m Bifins as well as two other events at the Finswimming World Cup, which took place in Phuket, Thailand from September 2 to 4.

Participants from different nations, including Vietnam, Thailand, India, the United States, Kazakhstan, Japan, Singapore, and Kuwait, competed in the tournament, which was jointly organized by Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) and Association of Thailand Underwater Sports (ATUS).

In 1:04:57, Kaing finished the 400-meter course. Boonchouey C. of ATUS took second place, followed by Jing Qi Ryen of the Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF).

In the Women’s 200-m Bifins and Women’s 100-m Bifins, Kaing also took home gold medals. In the Women’s 50-m Bifins, she came in third behind Saya Akimoto  (second) of the Japan Underwater Sports Federation and Sin Yu Kwok of the SUF (first).

KSF Secretary-General Hem Kiry led an eight-person team from Cambodia to Thailand.

The Directorate General of Sports congratulated Muynin Kaing and Cambodia for winning four medals at the finswimming world cup in a social media post.

Finswimming is a type of underwater swimming in which athletes use fins and snorkels to swim underwater or on the surface of the water. The sport is listed for the SEA Games in Cambodia in 2023.

Source: Khmer Times

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