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New Cassava Processing Facility Opens in Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia

by Surya Narayan
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A newly established cassava processing plant in Oddar Meanchey, a northwestern province of Cambodia, is poised to significantly enhance the agricultural sector by increasing both the yield and market reach of cassava. This strategic move aligns with the Cambodian government’s plan to prioritize cassava as a key agricultural product, aiming to boost its production and global export.

The plant, a $10 million investment by TWPC Investment (Cambodia) Co Ltd, is strategically located in Anlong Veng district, close to the Thai border. Officially inaugurated on February 7, after a preliminary launch in December, this facility marks a significant step in the agricultural development of the region.

Cassava is a crucial crop for Cambodia, and the government’s 2020-25 National Cassava Policy is focused on expanding its cultivation and enhancing its presence in international markets. The new facility, with a daily processing capacity of 600 tonnes of fresh cassava, translating to about 150 tonnes of tapioca starch, is expected to operate year-round, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality cassava products.

TWPC Investment, an extension of the Thai Wah Public Company Limited, operates similar facilities in Thailand and Vietnam and is exploring further opportunities in Laos. This expansion signifies the company’s commitment to the ASEAN region’s agricultural sector and its potential for growth.

The presence of this processing plant is a boon for local farmers, especially in Oddar Meanchey, where it promises better cultivation, quality, and pricing conditions. Unlike some factories that rely on their plantations, TWPC Investment plans to source the majority of its raw materials from local farmers, thereby ensuring a reliable market and fair prices for their produce.

The plant is also expected to contribute to local employment, increase household incomes, and bolster the national economy. Furthermore, it plans to support farmers by offering guidance on planting techniques and providing essential resources like fertilizers to improve crop yield and quality.

With six cassava processing factories across Cambodia, the new facility in Oddar Meanchey stands out for its potential to stabilize market prices and provide a more predictable market for local farmers’ produce. This development is particularly significant given the fluctuating prices driven by external market demands in the past.

The plant’s establishment is attributed to the province’s political stability, infrastructure development, and an improved legal framework for investment, making it an attractive destination for such ventures. The local authorities are optimistic about attracting more investments of this nature, recognizing the direct benefits to the community and the agricultural sector.

As Cambodia continues to export a substantial portion of its cassava production, the new processing facility is a strategic addition to the agricultural landscape, promising enhanced quality, better market access, and a more stable income for farmers, contributing significantly to the national GDP.

Source: Phnompenh Post

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