PM’s Telegram Channel Ranks Second in the World for Number of Subscribers

In a recent meeting with residents of Bramoy commune, Veal Veng district, Pursat province, Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen revealed that his Telegram channel is now the second-largest in the world, with 617,220 subscribers. He noted that the only channel with more subscribers is that of the President of Ukraine, which currently has 900,000 subscribers.

According to Mr. Hun Sen, his Telegram channel has grown in popularity due to its provision of up-to-date news and information. He also announced that his biopic, Son under the Full Moon, will be aired on his Telegram channel starting from March 20th, with three episodes per week.

The availability of the biopic on Mr. Hun Sen’s Telegram channel is expected to generate even more interest and subscribers to his channel. This move highlights the growing importance of social media platforms in disseminating information and entertainment to the public.

The rise of Mr. Hun Sen’s Telegram channel is a testament to his administration’s commitment to engaging with the public through various means, including social media. With more and more people turning to digital platforms for news and entertainment, it is important for leaders to make use of these channels to reach out to the public.

As such, the availability of the biopic on Mr. Hun Sen’s Telegram channel will not only provide entertainment but also offer insight into his personal life and leadership journey. It will also enable subscribers to stay up-to-date with current events and developments in Cambodia.

The rise of Mr. Hun Sen’s Telegram channel highlights the importance of digital platforms in modern-day communication. The availability of his biopic on the channel further reinforces this point, as it offers an excellent opportunity for Cambodians to learn more about their leader and stay informed about current events.

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