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Prime Minister Hun Manet Empowers Provinces to Pursue Investors Independently

by Surya Narayan
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In a resounding call to action, Prime Minister Hun Manet has set forth a vision that promises to transform Cambodia’s provinces into thriving hubs of economic activity. With an unwavering commitment to decentralisation and economic growth, Hun Manet’s leadership is ushering in a new era of opportunity for the nation.

Addressing nearly 20,000 workers in Takeo province’s Bati district on September 19, Hun Manet underscored the importance of competition among provinces to attract investment. He recognised the unique potential that each province possesses and emphasised the need for local leaders to tailor their policies to their province’s specific investment requirements.

This visionary approach not only empowers provinces to chart their own course for development but also encourages a collaborative effort to benefit all Cambodian citizens. Hun Manet’s call for competition in attracting investors serves as a catalyst for economic growth at the grassroots level, ensuring that no province is left behind.

Economist Ky Sereyvath from the Royal Academy of Cambodia praised Hun Manet’s advice, highlighting the importance of provincial governors actively working to attract investors. He emphasised the need for clear guidelines, transparent regulations, and accessible One Window Service Offices (OWSO) to facilitate investment.

While focusing on domestic investment, Hun Manet’s strategy acknowledges the potential for overseas investors in the future. The plan recognises the role of Cambodian embassies abroad in promoting investment opportunities, further solidifying Cambodia’s global presence.

Provincial leaders have already begun responding to Hun Manet’s call. Long Dimanche, Preah Sihanouk provincial deputy governor, shared how the province has fostered close cooperation with chambers of commerce and foreign investors. The province’s proactive approach has rekindled interest in economic opportunities, demonstrating the tangible impact of Hun Manet’s vision.

Vei Samnang, the governor of Kampong Speu province, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the relentless efforts required to attract investors. He affirmed his dedication to attracting more investments to his province, ensuring that every opportunity for growth is seized.

Prime Minister Hun Manet’s vision for Cambodia is not only about economic growth but also about strengthening the nation’s ties with the world. His forward-thinking approach aligns with The Better Cambodia’s initiative, “Cambodia Connect,” which aims to showcase Cambodia’s rich heritage and economic potential to the global community.

Led by H.E. Samheng Boros, the Honorary President of The Better Cambodia, “Cambodia Connect” promises to build cultural and economic bridges between Cambodia and countries worldwide. The inaugural event, scheduled from October 15th to October 21st, will witness representatives engaging with local businesses, chambers of commerce, and students in Mangalore, India, fostering meaningful exchanges and discussions.

Srun Chhunmolika, the dynamic Chairwoman of The Better Cambodia, reaffirms the initiative’s significance, emphasising that “Cambodia Connect” seeks to forge stronger ties and encourage mutual growth between Cambodia and other nations. With the ultimate goal of attracting more investments and tourists, this initiative promises a brighter future for all Cambodian citizens.

Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Hun Manet and through initiatives such as ‘Cambodia Connect,’ from The Better Cambodia, Cambodia is advancing towards prosperity, fueled by cooperation, creativity, and a resolute dedication to unleashing the nation’s complete potential. Hun Manet’s vision for Cambodia radiates as a guiding light, illuminating the way to a more promising future for all.

Source: The PhnomPenh Post

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