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Angkor Bicycle Paths: Safe and ideal for cycling with young children in Siem Reap

by Monika Nowaczyk
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Here is the incredible piece that Monika Nowaczyk has put together about cycling with kids around the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Angkor Archaeological Park has always been great for bicycle enthusiasts, whatever their level, but since last year, cycling around the temples has only gotten better.

In early 2021, a dedicated 23-kilometer path was opened to promote bicycling through around the park. And these paths are superb for riding with young children and provide an entirely new way to enjoy the temples, away from the tour busses and busy roads.

The path starts from behind the old ticket booth/main check point along Charles De Gaulle and weaves around the west of Angkor Wat temple, past Kravan temple where it branches into two directions. One goes to and then past Ta Prohm and then ends at Ta Keo temple. The second branches east past Sras Srang, then north to the East Baray, after which it turns west towards Preah Khan and finally ends at the norther gate of Angkor Thom.

This path runs mostly inside the forest, 5-25 meters away from the main roads. In sections, the path is 2-meters wide, paved, well maintained, and built with sustainability and low environmental impact in mind. In a few areas, the path stops and starts with small sections following the road.

The paths are ideal for cycling with young children as it is open only to pedestrians and cyclists, making it safe and generally worry-free. Expats who live in Phnom Penh and other towns in Cambodia, will find this a welcome change and a great chance for hassle-free and safe cycling with kids. 

You can read detailed routes here as well as recommendations for how to enjoy the trails with children as young as four. A great (and short and easy) jungle trek for the youngest children is described here.

Monika Nowaczyk is Chief Knitting Officer & CEO | Beebee+Bongo & Cambodia Knits | Dreamer of a Better World

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