Growthbeans:  Impacting and transforming lives

Last Saturday, Shane Yan, Shamntha Yan, Marc Lansu, and Chan Wai Keong, registered ICF Coaches from Growthbeans, Singapore, conducted a training program in Siem Reap for people from different backgrounds to understand the importance of self awareness.

Through meaningful connections with themselves, others, and the community, Growthbeans supports people in becoming who they want to be, enhancing their employability, wellbeing, and inclusivity. It develops connections for transformation and growth.

Shane and Shamantha, two young, lively Singaporean sisters who are inspiring and assisting thousands of individuals in Singapore in developing self-awareness, founded Growthbeans. They plan to expand into Cambodia. 

Shane and Shamantha defined self-awareness during the session as,

“The ability to focus on oneself and how one’s actions, ideas, or emotions line up with one’s internal standards is known as self-awareness. High levels of self-awareness allow you to assess yourself objectively, manage your emotions, align your actions with your goals, and accurately determine how others see you.”

In simple words, people with high levels of self-awareness can evaluate their behavior, emotions, and thoughts from an unbiased perspective. Being self-aware is crucial for leaders because it enables them to evaluate their growth and effectiveness and alter their path as required. Research shows that when we examine ourselves, we may discover our values, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses.

Shane Yan and Shamntha Yan

Growthbeans was founded with the goal of providing a secure, welcoming environment in which a community of people may connect, support, and learn from one another, increase their self-awareness, and reach their full potential in terms of both personal and professional growth.

Phoenix Lab Asia, The Better Cambodia founders with Growthbeans team.

Growthbeans provides coaching, custom workshops, and a variety of other programs to both individuals and businesses.

The networking session and self-awareness games made the program very interesting. The Growthbeans team members Marc and Chan also participated in the program. Phoenix Lab Asia co-organised the event.

Please visit Growthbeans website for more information:

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