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Japanese Company Explores Waste-to-Energy Projects in Cambodia

by Surya Narayan
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Mizuda Sanitation (Cambodia) Co Ltd, affiliated with the Japanese Mizuda Group, has shown a renewed interest in developing waste-to-energy projects within Cambodia. This initiative could mark a significant step forward in the region’s approach to sustainable energy and waste management.

Shan Jianming, the Chairman of Mizuda Group, highlighted this ambition during a visit with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet at the Peace Palace. This meeting was not the first instance of the company expressing such interests; a similar proposal was discussed on March 28 of the previous year with Khuong Sreng, the Governor of Phnom Penh. The Mizuda Group’s successful track record includes the construction of 33 waste-to-energy incinerators in China, which underscores their capability and experience in this field.

In the recent discussions, Shan detailed the company’s ongoing efforts in Phnom Penh over the past three years, which include waste collection, cleaning, and transportation. These operations have not only earned recognition from local authorities and residents but have also led to the creation of 710 jobs, contributing to the local economy and community well-being.

Shan emphasized the company’s desire to leverage cutting-edge technology and high-standard environmental safeguards to launch waste-to-energy initiatives in Cambodia. This move aligns with global trends towards more sustainable and renewable energy sources, addressing both waste management and energy supply challenges.

Prime Minister Hun Manet expressed his gratitude for Mizuda Sanitation’s contributions towards improving Phnom Penh’s waste management systems. He recognized these efforts as vital for enhancing living conditions and environmental conservation in the city. The Prime Minister encouraged further discussions between Mizuda and relevant Cambodian ministries, such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the Ministry of Environment (MoE), facilitated by the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), to explore the feasibility and implementation of these waste-to-energy projects.

The interest in such sustainable energy solutions highlights a growing recognition of the need to address waste management in an eco-friendly manner while also tapping into renewable energy sources. With Phnom Penh’s daily waste generation estimated at around 3,000 tonnes, initiatives like those proposed by Mizuda could offer a dual benefit of reducing waste accumulation and generating clean energy, thus contributing significantly to Cambodia’s environmental and energy strategies.

Source: Khmer Times

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