Long Rachana: The youngest author in the Kingdom.

Long Rachana is a talented young girl who developed a lifelong passion of reading at a very young age. She completed a 300-page novel at the age of 13, which brought her popularity.

Since Long Rachana had an imaginative childhood and a passion for literature, she has always lived a little differently than most kids her age.

In Cambodia at present, novel writing is gaining popularity. It is a good beginning for creating a culture of reading and writing in society. There are many new young writers emerging in the country, the majority of whom have achieved success as novelists or short story writers.

One of them is Long Rachana, whose debut novel, Deadly Love Road, made her possibly the Kingdom’s youngest published writer ever.

Every day after school, the young author spent around 30 minutes writing her book. In just six months, Rachana was able to complete writing her 335-page debut novel. This alone proved her persistent dedication to pursuing a profession as a writer.

Since she was seven years old, her father, renowned local photographer Sovan Philong, has brought home books and told her folk stories. She began reading books independently when she was ten years old, and shortly after she began writing her own stories.

Rachana generally reads books of different authors to find inspiration, then she puts some of the concepts she learned fresh in life. Rachana utilizes her imagination to conjure up something fresh and wholly original in order to ensure that her story is original.

Her first novel, Deadly Love Road, also known as “Plov Snea Moronak” in Khmer, was published by Love Novels Editions in December 2019.

Source: Khmer Times

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