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Prime Minister Hun Sen Spearheads Economic Growth with New Investment Law

by Surya Narayan
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Cambodia is entering an exciting era of growth and prosperity with the advent of its novel investment law. The recent sub-decree from Prime Minister Hun Sen has only added to the nation’s appeal for investors, guiding it firmly towards its goal of joining the ranks of ‘upper-middle income’ economies by 2030 and becoming a part of the ‘high-income’ bracket by 2050. This is a momentous move, indicative of the country’s commitment to refined governance and economic vitality.

Sub-Decree No 139 charts an inclusive, clear, and strategic path to attracting investment by offering a comprehensive, attractive incentive framework. One noteworthy initiative is the reduction of up to 50 percent on customs tax, special duties, and Value Added Tax (VAT) for investment projects focusing on new automobile assembly for domestic markets. This stipulation encourages investors to produce domestically, promote local supply chains, and creates a ripple effect, benefiting other industries too due to increased economic activity.

For ambitious investors eager to contribute more, the regulations offer an enticing prospect: fulfil the prescribed requirements, and there’s a significant customs reduction of up to 90%. These conditions include the use of at least 400 assembly parts per automobile unit, an investment of upwards of $5 million and the creation of at least 150 jobs.

The timing of these measures, amidst global challenges such as the Covid-19 crisis and geopolitical tensions, speaks volumes about Cambodia’s resilience and vision. Driven by trends in socio-economics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as feedback from various stakeholders, the investment law conscientiously caters to the needs of the modern world.

Cambodia has already proven its worth as an investment destination; its track record of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows totaling 168.8 trillion riel or $41.0 billion is impressive indeed. The new law takes the game to a higher plane. Its well-rounded features, including the simplified registration process, emphasis on technology, and capacity building, only enhance Cambodia’s allure for global investors.

A common thread running through all the features of the law is an underlying endeavor to create a transparent, predictable, and enabling legal environment for investments. This not only institutes investor confidence but also significantly contributes to Cambodia’s socio-economic development.

Viewing it sector-wise, industries like finance, manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, and construction are poised to see substantial benefits, providing diversified avenues for investors. With the World Bank recognizing Cambodia as a ‘lower-middle income’ country, the new law effectively positions the country for an economic leap.

By tactically placing competitive incentives- longer tax holidays or tax breaks and lower minimum investment capital- the new investment law not only fosters a robust economic landscape domestically, but it also makes the brilliant Kingdom of Cambodia stand out to foreign investors when compared to other countries.

In a world where investors are incessantly on the hunt for dynamic landscapes that promise growth and returns, Cambodia shines bright. Offering diversity in sectors, steadfast economic progression, and a promising reach towards higher income categorizations, Cambodia extends an invitation to those making growth-oriented decisions. The potential is evident; the opportunities, plentiful. Truly, in the realm of foreign direct investments, the kingdom of Cambodia presents a radiant dawn. The path is clear and the time is now for savvy investors seeking to ride the waves of sustainable growth. With the new investment law in force, the Kingdom of Cambodia is indeed shining with inviting opportunities.

Source: Khmer Times, The PhnomPenh Post

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