The Ministerial Council approved the National Policy for Agricultural Development 2022-2030.

Through the Agricultural Development Policy 2022–2030, Cambodia keeps up its efforts to boost agricultural productivity and the national economy.

The draft National Policy for Agricultural Development 2022–2030 has received complete ministerial approval.

The decision was made during a meeting on the ninth of this month that Prime Minister Hun Sen chaired over.

The final draft of this policy is another achievement in the national policy framework to promote the growth of the agricultural sector through increased productivity, diversification, and competitive trade, according to Phay Siphan, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Royal Government Spokesperson Unit.

According to him, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries organized a number of consultative meetings with the relevant ministries and institutions under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture as part of the process of developing the national policy for the development of the agricultural sector.

The National Agriculture Development Policy 2022–2030 is subdivided into ten sections, including an analysis of the situation of agriculture, a vision statement, goals, and strategies for achieving them, as well as mechanisms for putting the plan into action, financial resources, monitoring and evaluation, risk management, and conclusions.

While speaking about the policy, the Minister of Agriculture, Veng Sakhon, recently stated that the Royal Government has a long-term vision to modernize the agricultural sector, including the implementation of indoor cultivation, water-saving irrigation, modern rice cultivation with minimal labor, and the use of drones in the agricultural sector

Almost 61 percent of Cambodians reside in rural areas, and 77 percent of rural households depend on agriculture, forestry, and fishing for a living.

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