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World-Class Microlite and Paramotors Sports Coming to Cambodia: An Exciting Opportunity for Adventure Enthusiasts

by Surya Narayan
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Cambodia is set to witness a thrilling new addition to its sports landscape with The Better Cambodia and Sea Planes Asia bringing the exhilarating sports of Microlite and Paramotors to the country. With the aim of promoting these exciting activities, this initiative has received strong support from high-ranking officials and prominent figures within the country.

In a recent meeting held between the Captain Yauheni “Eugene” Zakharankau of Sea Planes Asia, H.E Samheng Boros, Minister attached to the Prime Minister and Honorary President of The Better Cambodia, along with Surya Narayan, CEO and Founder of The Better Cambodia and Arjen Luxwolda of KamWorks, plans were set in motion to create clubs and a federation dedicated to these exhilarating aerial activities.

Microlights and paramotors are types of ultralight aircraft that offer a unique and thrilling flying experience. These aircraft are powered by small engines and propellers, allowing them to fly at low speeds and altitudes. The flexible wings, which can be easily folded and carried, distinguish them from other traditional aircraft. Microlights have fixed or rigid wings, while paramotors have paragliders that are inflated by the air, offering a more versatile flying experience.

The FAI Microlight and Paramotor Commission (CIMA) organizes world records and international events for these sports, encompassing a range of exciting tasks such as accuracy landing, slalom, soccer, and swoop pond. With the introduction of these sports, Cambodia offers adventure enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore the skies in a fun and exhilarating manner.

The plans do not stop there. Cambodia aims to host a grand event in 2024, inviting flyers from ASEAN countries to partake in the festivities. This will not only serve as a celebration of Cambodia’s vibrant culture but also highlight its position as one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. The event promises to be a spectacle, serving as a testament to the nation’s commitment to adventure and innovation.

Under the inspiring leadership of H.E Samheng Boros and the expertise of Capt. Yauheni “Eugene” Zakharankau, the clubs are poised for growth in Cambodia. With a focus on memberships and organizing captivating events, they aim to ignite a passion for these thrilling sports among local enthusiasts. It is a chance for Cambodians to embrace the freedom of the skies and explore the world from a whole new perspective.

As Cambodia soars to new heights, Microlite and Paramotors sports promise a future filled with unforgettable experiences. The combination of adrenaline-pumping activities and the picturesque landscapes of Cambodia is a match made in heaven. Get ready to witness the beauty of this nation from above and embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless. The sky is calling, and Cambodia is ready to answer.

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