A Kingdom of Wonder: Cambodia

In the last ten years, Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder, has seen an increase in the number of immigrants of all ages from many countries.

Cambodia is without a doubt a must-visit country in Southeast Asia due to the attraction of the Angkor Wat temples, but what is it about the nation that attracts tourists and makes them stay there as expats?

Many are attracted to the country because it has one of the most open economies in the region for foreign professionals and investors, while others are attracted by the history, traditions, and culture of the country.

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The welcoming nature of the locals, who frequently greet visitors with a cheerful “Khmer smile” and treat them like special guests wherever they go, is one of the reasons expats and tourists frequently mention how much they love Cambodia.

Due to the expansion of tourism and the rising number of foreign businesses entering the market, English has become a second language of choice for many Cambodians, particularly in large cities and tourist attractions.

The fact that Cambodia is one of the few nations in the world to utilize the U.S. dollar as the de facto currency, which offers economic stability and makes lives easier for those who manage businesses or rely on foreign incomes, is another feature that sets it apart from other countries.

Choose From Colonial Cities, Gorgeous Beaches, Pristine Islands, and Ancient Temples as Your Scenery

The capital city of Phnom Penh, which offers an enticing combination of colonial-era buildings, Royal palaces, Buddhist pagodas, and local markets, is where many people get their first taste of the “Pearl of Southeast Asia.” These attractions are enriched by the city’s expanding skyline of skyscrapers and condominiums.

While Phnom Penh is well-liked by businesspeople and investors, Siem Reap is the main engine of the country’s thriving tourism sector. Here, tourists’ throng to “Temple Town” to see the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple Complex, the largest religious monument in the world with an impressive 17,609,757 square feet in size.

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Sihanoukville, which is well-liked by Cambodians, foreigners, and tourists alike, is the country ’s major coastal destination for those who enjoy beaches and the ocean. Every budget could be accommodated, and options range from staying in a five-star hotel with a private beach to living like a backpacker in a bamboo hut.

Other popular locations for foreigners are the colonial city of Battambang, the peaceful riverside town of Kampot, and the laid-back seaside resort town of Kep.

If you want to relocate to Southeast Asia to live in a country with a higher standard of living, Cambodia may be the best option for you.

The fact that the nation’s economy is among the fastest growing in the world, with foreign investment flooding into the manufacturing, agricultural, telecom, banking, and tourism sectors, is another sign of its potential. This investment is generating business and employment opportunities for both citizens and foreigners.

AmCham Cambodia

The one-month business, or “E,” visa is available upon arrival and may be extended annually with the least amount of paperwork for only a few hundred dollars, making Cambodia unquestionably the country in Asia that offers the most flexible and accessible long-term residency visa.

The 2020 Annual Global Retirement Index from International Living put Cambodia #1 in the Cost-of-Living category, making it an attractive option for retirees on fixed incomes or pensions looking for a reasonable foreign home where they may live in resemblance of luxury.

Additionally, there are several associations and chambers of commerce, including Amcham, Britcham, Auscham, and Eurocham, which are well-liked by both the business community and expats who enjoy networking.

The number of foreigners living permanently in Cambodia is thought to be around 100,000 at the moment.

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