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Writing Skill? Why Is It So Essential?

by Surya Narayan

Writing is not always simple. However, it’s one of the most important skills to learn, no matter where your life takes you in the future.

In addition to being a requirement in college, writing is a requirement for most occupations, your personal life, and your involvement in the community. 

You might not be aware of how much writing you actually do, whether it’s an email to your manager or staff, a message to your child’s teacher, your résumé and cover letter, a survey, or a text asking your spouse to help you out. We are all writers and communicators!

Inspiration for Better Writing

1. Writing is now the most used method of communication.

In our society, writing is more common than ever. Today, it serves as our main method of information gathering, social interaction, and interaction with others. You can speak with everyone with confidence if you can write well. The first thing that people notice about us is often our writing.

2. Your writing is used to judge you.

First impressions of us are frequently formed by our writing. Before ever meeting us in person, many people read our writing. People tend to make judgments about our intelligence and character when we write with errors, or when our thoughts are unorganized or incomplete.

3. Writing in an easier way increases your chances of success.

Writing is a mode of communication. We frequently ask others for things when we are communicating. It’s unlikely that your request will be complied with if the person reading it cannot truly understand it or locate what you want from them.

4. Writing is a crucial job competency.

Even if you don’t write much for work (which is unusual), you still communicate in other ways. Writing better also helps you read better, which is another crucial professional skill. Writing well also makes you a better communicator overall.

And the first step in finding a job is having the skill to create a strong application, CV, and cover letter.

5. Your ability to think is reflected in writing.

Chaotic writing may reflect disorganized thinking. If your writing lacks development, it can mean that your thoughts lack evolution as well. Writing better can help you think more clearly about your subject and will make it easier to explain or discuss it with others.

Always proofread it before sending an email or submitting a final document. When editing, look out for the following problems:

  • Unnecessary words
  • Phrases and words that are repeated
  • Extended sentences
  • Grammatical errors
  • Misspellings (double-check names and other proper nouns for accuracy)

If at all possible, set aside a piece for the next day. If you wait a little bit before proofreading, you’ll be more likely to find mistakes.

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