Two popular Bantey Srei, Preah Dak community dishes

Cambodia’s Noodle and Steam Palm Cake has become a popular dish that everyone should try if they visit Preah Dak or Bantey Srei.

The Khmer noodle (Nom Banh Chok) is a popular home-cooked Cambodian cuisine. It is a unique food that is representative of the Preah Dak community, where the majority of the people eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as occasionally for a ceremony or festival at the pagoda or in the village. Nom Banh Chok Samlor Khmer is a form of Cambodian traditional food that is available throughout Preah Dak village.

Initially, people soak rice for three hours and then grind it into a powder to steam. They will mix the powder in a large pot until it sticks together after it has been cooked. They mix it for about an hour before making it into noodles in hot water. 

We can eat it in different ways, such as Khmer traditional curry or Indian curry, and add various vegetables such as cabbage, water lily, banana flower, cucumber, long green bean, and other leaves found around their house.

Steam Palm Cake is another local street food that is made by people in Preah Dak village. The ingredients for the Steam Palm Cake are sourced locally, primarily from palm trees.

Steam palm cake is made by combining palm sugar, palm fruit, coconut cream, and rice powder in a banana leaf and steaming it. It takes about 30 minutes. The aroma of palm fruit and coconut cream will make you want to try this beautiful cake.

These two dishes attract travelers while they spend their vacation in Siem Reap or during the occasional festival in the village.This inspires local tourism businesses to invest in Siem Reap by making Cambodians remember their memories, enjoy rural life, admire Khmer tradition, and enjoy the delicious local food.

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