Do you know which language has the longest Alphabet?

Based on a set of rules governing a particular language, the alphabet is the common set of characters used to write a language. The Latin alphabet, which serves as the basis for the vast majority of written languages worldwide, is the most extensively used alphabet in use today.

In terms of length and phonetic sound, these different alphabets are distinct from one another.

However, when it comes to length, the Khmer alphabet is the one that holds the record of having the longest alphabet.

The official dialect of Cambodia, the Khmer language, is written using the Khmer alphabet. The Pallava Script, which was developed in the 6th century under the Pallava Dynasty in Southern India, is the source of the alphabet.

There are 74 letters in the Khmer language, which is written from left to right. There is no space between the words when they are written in a sentence.

The Khmer language of today uses 33 of the 35 consonants found in the Khmer alphabet.

Due to its geographical and historical relations, Khmer language is influenced by Sanskrit and Pali, as well as Thai and Vietnamese.

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