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OCIC Group Advances Urban Greenery with the Launch of Green Oasis Initiative

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The OCIC Group marked Earth Day 2024 by inaugurating its new Green Oasis initiative in Koh Pich, Phnom Penh on April 22. Green Oasis has set an ambitious goal to introduce 1 million trees into Cambodia’s growing urban landscapes as part of a wider effort to usher in sustainable communities and improve access to public green areas.

As Cambodia’s urban development continues to accelerate, the significance of initiatives such as Green Oasis becomes increasingly evident. The project seeks to counter the effects of extensive urbanization seen over the past quarter-century by enhancing ecosystems and recreational spaces within the country’s cities.

To signal the commencement of the Green Oasis initiative, a celebratory event featured the planting of trees at a new 1 Hectare garden in Koh Pich. This act underlined the commitment to bringing nature back into urban settings. The launch drew a diverse group of over a hundred participants, ranging from 7 to 17-year-old students, to representatives from an array of partner organizations. Contributors to the effort extended across sectors and included notable entities such as Happy Chandara, Toutes à l’école Luxembourg, ISI Group, PSE (Pour un Sourire d’Enfant), People in Need, and educational institutions like The Canadian International School of Phnom Penh and Ecole Française Internationale.

The initiative has garnered considerable support from various corners including the KMH Foundation, Archetype Group, LBL Construction, and Bureau Veritas. Support has also come from various chambers, universities, and businesses like Eurocham, Camtech University, AIESEC, JKAD, Women Shaping Cambodia, and The Mall Company, among others.

Vice President of OCIC Group, Thierry Tea, highlighted the long-term vision of Green Oasis, asserting that the planted trees would prosper over the next few decades for upcoming generations. Tea underscored the importance of unity in fostering sustainable urban and rural communities and expressed gratitude for the broad spectrum of participants and supporters.

One of the students, Khun Somavatey from Toutes à l’école Luxembourg, pointed out the critical role green spaces play in the educational and inspirational lives of Cambodian youth. She emphasized their potential to leave a lasting positive impact for the future.

The emphasis on greening urban spaces resonates with the initiatives underway at Koh Pich. The island has become host to more than 2,000 trees and features a boardwalk and several parks, including Coconut Park and Treellion Park. These enhancements go hand in hand with fostering an environment that benefits residents, families, visitors, and working professionals.

Moreover, the Green Oasis campaign parallels the Ministry of Environment’s objectives of planting 1 million trees annually. Prior initiatives by OCIC underpin their commitment to green development, such as the salvage and rehoming of trees from the former Odom Garden.

A stone’s throw away, the Connexion building stands as another testament to impact investment, embodying design principles focused on reducing environmental impact and serving as an innovation hub for sustainability.

The strategic cultivation and conservation of green spaces are central to building resilient and sustainable urban communities. These areas not only offer shade and places of leisure, but they also crucially reduce energy use, support biodiversity, and contribute to creating more habitable urban environments.

Through the dedication to green space development and maintenance, the Green Oasis initiative and similar endeavors maintain a strong focus on improving the livability and environmental health of Cambodia’s urban centers.

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