Rattana Hin, a Dog Trainer, is boosting his teaching skills in Cambodia

Huskies, Labradors, Samoyeds, and Rottweilers are just a few of the designer canines and pedigree breeds that are becoming increasingly common on the streets of Cambodian towns.

And this is a tendency that has Rattana Hin, a dog trainer, very worried.
“I’ve noticed in recent years that as more local people become financially stable, they’re buying dogs,” he says. “The designer dog craze is in full swing, and there is a slew of issues.”

The majority of these breeds are unsuitable for Cambodia’s hot and humid climate, and many dog owners are unaware of adequate pet care. The location of the puppies, on the other hand, is the most pressing worry. They are widely grown on puppy farms in Thailand, where they are sometimes kept in deplorable conditions and may be unwittingly bought with diseases that are lethal.

Before purchasing a dog, the animal rights advocate recommends that potential pet owners do their homework. “Before I buy a car, I research the vehicle, its manufacturer, and whether it is fuel efficient.” Apply the same logic to the purchase of a puppy.
Consider the breed and your way of life. Is it a good fit for your way of life? Don’t get a huge Schnauzer and live in a confined studio apartment. Is it something you can afford both financially and emotionally? “Do you have time for a dog?”

Before enrolling in a dog training school to study about dog psychology, behavior, and body language, he began volunteering at various organizations. He attended a series of training in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand before returning to Cambodia in 2014, polishing his skills.

Hin quickly established a portfolio of private clients, instructional work in schools, training Cambodia Police canines, and providing security training with guard and protection dogs in Cambodia.

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