Seha Chhang, a volunteer training youngsters in Siem Reap how to code.

A normal sunrise in Siem Reap is transformed into a special moment when the morning sun covers Angkor Wat. 

Every Sunday on this beautiful morning, Mr. Seha Chhang packs his backpack with a laptop and travels to the Siem Reap Coding Club located in YISI Center to provide enthusiastic young people with free coding classes.

In the rapidly evolving digital world of today, programming is a crucial talent that can be applied across many disciplines and areas. Thus, it is essential to teach this skill to young brains. 

Seha Chhang, training youngsters in Siem Reap how to code.

Unlike other professions, teaching is unique. Providing direction and enlightenment is a divine responsibility. The experiences and impacts that teachers share with their students will have a lifelong impact on them. Additionally, they are laying the foundation for pillars of society.

Due to its importance in determining how both current and future generations will grow, this responsibility has the utmost importance. Seha Chhang believes in this, and has been teaching coding for free in Siem Reap Coding Club since last year.

According to him, many young individuals of Siem Reap from various backgrounds are enrolling in the class. This illustrates the eagerness of the younger generation to pick up coding and use it in the real world.

This program is supported by PEPY Empowering Youth, a local non-profit NGO providing personal and professional development training to rural youth in Siem Reap along with the Sabai Code and Mediapark as a technology partners. 

When The Better Cambodia asked Seha Chhang, why is it important to learn how to code? He said, as you can see, there are many factors that make coding important. You’re guaranteed to benefit from learning to code as you lay a foundation of tech skills, whether it’s just for fun or as a way to pursue your career.

Seha Chhang with Surya Narayan, Founder, The Better Cambodia

He also stated, “Computers are utilized everywhere, and the world is always evolving. A fundamental understanding of computers is necessary for the majority of occupations, but if you can program them, you will have an advantage over other people. “

To create a “Digital Cambodia,” the nation as a whole needs a lot more programmers. Seha is contributing his fair share to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s initiatives to achieve this.

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