What skills make Santhou Sen a Tour Guide with 5 Star quality?

The difference between a normal tour and a memorable experience relies on the qualities of a good tour guide. For that reason, finding an amazing tour guide is not easy, and being one also requires effort and dedication.

Tour guides are those who provide tourists and other audience members with useful knowledge and information about a particular topic or location.

No tour’s story is set in stone, because every experience involves unexpected factors.

I recently visited the Angkor temple complex, and I discovered that my tour guide was unique from other tour guides. It inspired me to write about him in The Better Cambodia.

Santhou is a great tour guide. He explains the Angkor Wat temple in terms of science and the usage of Vastu Shastra by the ancient Khmers to construct enormous structures.

The traditional Indian system of architecture is described in literature referred to as Vastu Shastra (Vastu Shastra, literally “Science of Architecture”).  Design, layout, measurement, groundwork, space arrangement, and spatial geometry principles are discussed in these texts.

Santhou at work

He explains how walkways are built and what kinds of measurements are used to build them and how they are related to the five great elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth, and many more.

In Phnompenh, Santhou Sen was born. His mother used to make and sell clay piggie banks, and his father worked as a trailer driver.

During his school days, Santhou spent a half-day working at a wood mill. He did this to support his family and pay his school fees.

Santhou was motivated to pursue his studies in English literature after he noticed his Taiwanese manager utilizing an English translator to communicate with the local Khmers when he was working at the wood mill.

In 2004, he earned a degree in English literature.

Since then, he has been a tour guide and has guided thousands of tourists—including prominent celebrities to Angkor Wat.

“Before COVID, tour guides used to be very busy, and I used to work 6 days a week. But the pandemic has changed our lives and now, due to the Royal Government of Cambodia’s initiative, we are able to get tourists to Siem Reap and we have started getting work.” Santhou said.

Santhou maintains his professionalism at all times, does not get rattled, or angry, or frustrated, or impatient. As a professional tour guide, he knows what visitors are looking for, and is quick thinking, resourceful, and passionate about the tourism industry.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable tour guide in Siem Reap, get in touch with Santhou. He can be reached at +855 12 293 595 or [email protected]

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