Siem Reap Roadshow for Sustainable and Smart Tourism Development in Mekong Region

  • Date: November 21, 2022 (Mon.)
  • Time and Location: 12 – 6 PM, Angkor Green Gardens (formerly Cambodian Cultural Village)

Mekong Institute (MI) is currently implementing “Sustainable and Smart Tourism Development in the Mekong Region”. Supported by  the Mekong-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund (MKCF),  this three-year project introduces smart tourism tools, techniques, and technologies through learning exchanges, structured learning visits, information sharing, and best practice adaptation. Such investments are intended to expand small entrepreneurial businesses and deepen cultural interconnectedness and appreciation among and between cities in the Republic of Korea and the Mekong region countries.

The project includes three components that will benefit Mekong tourism stakeholders.

Component A: Korea-Mekong Hospitality Training and Mentoring

Component B: Facilitating Smart Tourism Development in Mekong Countries

Component C: Twinning of Historical/Cultural Towns Between the Republic of Korea and Mekong Countries

Roadshow in Siem Reap

MI is organising a roadshow event on Sustainable and Smart Tourism Development in five selected UNESCO heritage sites in Mekong Countries as part of the project. Ayutthaya in Thailand, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Lao PDR, Hue in Vietnam, and Bagan in Myanmar are among them. The five heritage sites were chosen for their historical and cultural significance, as well as their importance in each country’s tourism industry.

Organised with the support of Destination Mekong, the roadshow event in Siem Reap is planned for November 21, 2022 from 12 pm to 6 pm. The event is expected to increase multi-stakeholder tourism industry knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and practices associated with sustainable and smart tourism in Siem Reap.

The roadshow’s specific goals are as follows:

  • To introduce to local stakeholders and potential users a newly designed smartphone application with its functions.
  • To confirm and validate the data for the mobile application content, such as community-based tourism actors, sustainable tourism social enterprises, relevant digital media and travel bloggers, and cultural tourism actors;
  • To share local knowledge and experience about sustainable and smart tourism.
  • To encourage local cooperation and the integration of sustainable and smart tourism in Mekong countries’ heritage sites.
  • To promote local products and services, traditional music, and cultural arts through exhibitions, performances, photo contests, and videography.
SiemReap, Cambodia

Event Activities

  • Networking lunch
  • Workshop for tourism stakeholders and experience providers:  
  • Validating business information of key selected Points of Interest in the Siem Reap tourism industry. The focus of this is to identify and validate POI data in order for the mobile application to include creative and inspiring tourism practices and to introduce the true value of Siem Reap with the goal of improving the experience and quality of life of both visitors and host communities.
  • Introducing a smartphone application system designed to promote synergies among historical and heritage sites through sustainable and smart tourism. The goal is to transfer and develop sustainable tourism solutions and best practices while also introducing smart solutions to address environmental issues caused by increased tourist arrivals in these Mekong countries’ historical sites.
  • Interactive session between local tourism businesses and Korean tour operators based in Cambodia.
  • Consultative session on how to enter the Korean tourism market through collaboration with Korean businesses and how to attract Korean visitors to Siem Reap.
  • Performing Arts by a selected group using local musical instruments or traditional dance.
  • Site Exhibition from 4 to 6 pm open to the general public and especially tourists to highlight local products and food, culture and traditional arts, visual arts, and community-based touring experiences and activities available in Siem Reap. 
Participants can have a table to showcase their services, products and experiences, free of charge.  

Siem Reap photo and video contests to promote sustainable and smart tourism by highlighting unique tourism attractions, practices, and potential in Siem Reap province across the categories of ecology, crafts, history, entertainment, healing, food, and culture.


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