Three Life Lessons from Daughters for Dads

So many of us enter the parenting game thinking that it is our responsibility to teach our kids everything we know with the goal of them growing into well-rounded humans. However, we frequently discover that they are teaching us far more about ourselves and life than we realised.

Men who have daughters have access to a world that we would never be able to enter without them.

1. Winning isn’t the only factor.
Men are frequently imprisoned by their desire to win. Children, especially young girls, seem to appreciate the process and the relationships more than the end result.

2. Hugs are sometimes more effective than words.
Have you ever tried to hug your daughter when you are stressed? Well, ignore your life’s pressure, skip the stress and move directly to hug your daughter. It’s never a bad idea to say, “Just hold me.”

3. A tea party can make almost any situation better.
Even if it’s a plastic play set, or there isn’t any actual tea, or the cookies aren’t real, if a father takes a break from his schedule to drink tea with a little girl, he will return healed.

Happy fathers Day!!!

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